Toshiba: Demand for solid-state drives to skyrocket by 2011

Via Ars Technica: "Solid state drives (SSD) are slowly marching toward the consumer space by gradually stepping up to bat against their traditional counterparts. Capacities and read/write times are still a little low, while prices are still quite high. Toshiba's president, however, laid out a game plan for the industry that puts SSD drives in one quarter of notebooks within three years.

Speaking at a recent seminar hosted by IDEMA Japan, Toshiba's Shozo Saito discussed the future of NAND flash memory and what it means for SSD drives."

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Capt CHAOS3924d ago

This will be great for silent and super fast PCs..

SL1M DADDY3923d ago

Lower the prices! I want one but am not going to pay that kind of cash for something that small in storage size. Can't wait for a little time to pass when they get bigger and cheaper.