Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus On PS Vita Looks Very Likely

JPS Writes: "Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus will hit stores tomorrow for the PlayStation 3 exclusively, at least from Insomniac Games has said so far. However, during our own playthrough of Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus for PlayStation 3, we have noticed some very interesting signs that this game may not be exclusive to the console for very long."

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GdaTyler1805d ago

I think there was a trailer a while back which at the end said coming to PS3 and Vita. Can't find it though.

Deadpoolio1804d ago

I would have thought the first clue is the fact that there is an upload/download save from cloud feature...Which is generally only in games that have a vita/PS3 version i.e. Sly Cooper

ctorretta1805d ago

Yeah it is clearly under development. I think after the mess that was R&C: FFA on Vita (delayed, delayed, delayed, bad port), they're waiting to do an actual confirmation until R&C: Nexus is running smoothly on the Vita.

Last time they had to give everybody a free game (R&C Deadlocked HD) to make up for the vita version coming out so late (and in such sorry shape).

IIRC, James Stevenson pretty much said just that on the PS.Blog in the comments section a week or two ago. Something about not wanting to show / talk the Vita version until it is running better than the last R&C vita game.

psDrake1805d ago

To be honest, who cares ? Why would you want to buy a possibly downgraded version on Vita when ps3 version is available ?

I will probably stop spending $40 on Vita games knowing that PS4 games can be streamed and I will take any PS4 game over a a Vita port of a ps3 game.

It'll take a lot for me to spend so much money on Vita games especially ports...I will support indies but it's just better to invest in ps4 games since I can play them on Vita...

dcj05241804d ago

I'd buy it so I can idk play it? Everywhere? That like saying "why would you buy Mortal Kombat on the VITA when its on PS3?"

Remy_S1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I'd love this game on the Vita as long as it is a good port and running at a stable 30fps. Platformers these days are a rarity, and having them in portable form is a huge plus for me. I already have both Rayman games and Sly Cooper, so this game would fit in nicely. Now if only Sega would make a Sonic game for the handheld in the same vein as Generations.

dcj05241804d ago

Man I've been waiting for a sonic game on the VITA since it was called NGP in 2011.