Battlefield Bad Company gets the 'Conquest Mode' that the fans wanted

In response to criticism from fans regarding the omission of a Conquest Mode in Battlefield Bad Company, EA has confirmed that the mode will be available shortly after release.

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wow4u3831d ago

Sounds like EA is responding to the fans, and they deserve some credit.

Ghoul3831d ago

Boy im glad

i was scared we have to stay with this goldcrate gamemode.
conquest is what makes a battlefield game a "battlefield game"

Voozi3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Glad to hear that, just like Ghoul said, can't have a Battlefield game now a days without Conquest.

Now all we need is prone back and this will be back on my must buy list :D

And to those who say "prone will overpower snipers",just make snipers not able to prone and problem solved lol