GTA IV review embargo details

Eurogamer reports that with Grand Theft Auto IV due out on Tuesday, you're probably wondering where Eurogamer's review is - and indeed where any of the reviews are. The answer is that the majority of write-ups have been embargoed until Sunday, 5pm GMT.

As with all good things, such as the weather and hats, that timing is subject to change, but Eurogamer thought you would want to know the current plan so that you can stick your head round the internet on Sunday and find out.

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HD DVDs COFFIN3856d ago

GameSpot shows their bias again.

resistance1003855d ago

5pm sunday - N4GTA will be flooded with reviews

jaaz3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

5:00 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) = 1:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) Sunday

So 1:00 pm Sunday in New York, Atlanta, Miami, etc.
3:00 pm Sunday on the West Coast.

jaaz3855d ago

^^^^ Meant 10:00 am Sunday on the West Coast.

nutjuice3855d ago

they just said ps3 version looks better

Twilightx73855d ago

Glad you managed to pull that neat factoid out of the staged argument between the two editors. An A+ for you.

HD DVDs COFFIN3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

We all know that

jkhan3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Well we all know gta4 will be getting 95%+ score, it will be interesting to see that whether reviewers tell the difference between ps3 and xbox360, by the way there is a new gta4 video on

Twilightx73855d ago

That trailer was effin' amazing.

SUP3R3855d ago

It was excellent.
Can't wait to play the game and hear the story behind Niko's past.

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