Kojima says he is "very satisfied with the game's final result."

In an interview for the prestigious spanish website Meristation. Kojima says he is very satisfied with the end result of his final game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

He says: "I am very satisfied with the final result of the game and I believe the gamers will feel the same."

He also goes on to speak about the new technologies and Blu Ray capability. About which he states that "if there was more space I would have added more content like levels and characters".

At the interview he also talks about a lot more like the emotions that the gamers will experience with the game, the risks of chosing to go exclusive to one platform as well as his reasons to do so.


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DarkSniper4771d ago

A developer of Hideo Kojima's magnitude is aware of the only platform that is capable of producing cinema-based games with an immersive experience that is unhearlded and not found on no other platform.

PLAYSTATION® 3 provides Kojima with the necessary tools to ensure that the best gaming experience possible is made on his terms. The satisfaction of his final product only goes to show that the power of the PLAYSTATION® 3 is unlimited and can reach proportions no developer thought was possible.

Xbox 360 and it's followers will never experience a fraction of what PLAYSTATION® 3 provides. With it's whirlwind of problems and rapidly declining market share and attach rates, how long will Microsoft continue to fight this losing battle before saying enough is enough?


tehReaper4770d ago

Leave it to Sony fanboys to find some way to bash the 360 without the article even talking about it. People like DarkSniper have no lives. Seriously, why spend so much time bragging about a console that you already know is great(in your opinion)? Makes no sense. You could be PLAYING PS3 games instead of wasting so much time talking it up. It's like you're getting paid to do this crap when you know damn well you're not.

With that aside, I can't wait for this game. The graphics look great(well, awesome) and it seems like Kojima put his heart into this title. If Kojima says he's satisfied, I believe him.

I may be pro-360, but I have enough sense to know this game is going to be amazing and I'll definitely be picking up a copy.

warhawk12344771d ago (Edited 4771d ago )

Sweet ok thank you.

hazeblaze4771d ago

Just started the beta and it is pretty SWEEET!!! It really is Metal Gear online... all the stuff you'd expect to be able to do as an elite genome soldier is here. And the customizable skill system is REALLY deep.

Cwalat4771d ago

yeah... great to hear that...
and The MGO Beta is really outstanding...

MikeGdaGod4771d ago

sorry just had to get that out there

CaptainHowdy4771d ago

It's good to be proud of your work...u see i'm gonna hang this up here *magnetizes MGS4to the refrigerator*

Ghoul4771d ago

Metal Gear solid is a musthave titel.

Kojima proofed it with MGO
The beta is awesome, its exactly what you have to expect to be Metal Gear online, deep skill customisation and gadgets.

I love it

sonarus4771d ago

Screw you guys i can't play for 2 more hrs:(

Diugu4771d ago

I would like to thank the ones who approved and also the ones who reported, helping me to correct my mistakes.

That said I would like to say that the reason why I didnt want to make an automatic translation was due to the fact that some of those translations alter the meaning of some senteces and also sometimes it gets impossible to understand what is being said, consequence of the gramatical errors made by the automawtic translator.

But I do have to say that this specific translation went very well. Thank you all for the assistance.

It is a great interview and I recommend reading it in spanish but if you can't understand spanish, go ahead and read the translation since it is well made and very understandable.


DomUltra4768d ago

Ahhh MGO customization is pretty deep, but the CQC system can give some one a headache it's that deep :S.

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warhawk12344771d ago (Edited 4771d ago )

That makes more sense now

crunchie1014771d ago

"If you could construct any of the Metal Gears in reality, what would be and what would do with it??

Certainly it would be Metal Gear Rex, and with it I would destroy a few buildings in Roppongi, including the Konami building. Nowadays I spend more time there than in my house"

Ah Kojima, you make me laugh.

Rice4771d ago

I swear a week ago he was dissapointed....

Fishy Fingers4771d ago

That was blown totally out of proportion, and even taken out of context.

Anyway, he was talking visuals only.

Bnet3434771d ago

Then I guess everything here is blown out of proportion.

rucky4771d ago

i'm an artist, I paint a lot and I got to say when I look at my work and I look at it with utmost criticism. Most of my colleagues are always amazed on my finish products but I always thought I could've done better. I think he's still disappointed and this interview is purely for PR purposes but there's no denying us from seeing his work as a brilliantly executed masterpiece.