Analyst: Xbox One's multimedia services keeping Microsoft ahead of Apple, Google

Robert W. Baird analyst says Xbox One's multimedia capabilities helping Microsoft stay ahead of efforts like Apple TV and Google TV.

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iamnsuperman2873d ago

Sure in features (which is what he is talking about) but not in accessibility. At the end of the day a $99 product is far more accessible than a $500 product when the end game for the consumer is just watching content/on demand services. Web browser in the living room is cool but no - one cares when it is hardier to use than let's say a tablet or smart phone (with the later being in your pocket). It is unlikely they will want to watch things illegally when they have on demand services there ready to use

Ashlen2873d ago

I agree and I'd like to add that Microsoft is the only one that has a monthly fee for these features.

Mike134nl2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Agree its about time Microsoft realises this and removes their entertainment apps from behind their pay wall. I understand it cost money maintaining their systems so keeping only xbox live and the gaming relating apps which using azure services seems more reasonable.

4Sh0w2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

"Overall, we were impressed with the platform and believe that Microsoft has largely achieved its goal of creating a compelling living room entertainment hub," he said. "Games we saw show improvements in graphics and performance over current generation, and multi-media capabilities that keep Microsoft ahead of Google and Apple (for now) in the living room with the integration of console quality gaming, web content, and traditional media."

Through all the doubt, questions and bad PR the quality of the entertainment package is undeniable as more people experience an early preview of Microsofts next gen all in one gaming/media platform= X1+Kinect looks to be a very exciting console that can potentially take over as the center of the living room for the gamer, the busy mom, the tv lovers, sports fans, the shared family time in your home, while also connecting to friends and family.

Microsoft has got to be feeling really good from the positive feedback as recognition of their hardwork to make this happen.

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nukeitall2873d ago

However, a $99 device doesn't do everything the Xbox One does, not even close. MS could team up with cable providers and bam, accessible instantly!

Those customers obviously don't care as much about monthly fees.

MorePowerOfGreen2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Boy... Once word get around XB1 will be seen as a new type of livingroom device, making old stand alone devices seem out of date. XB1 will be selling in 3 different markets leaving simple gaming consoles in the dust. When Cortana comes that will be the final nail in the coffin for the competition. XB1 will be seen as future tech, that will put the oringinal Wii craz to shame.

It's no wonder XB1 won the top 10 award for innovation something a rather

Could you imagine Cortana telling kids that their mother said that their dad is picking them up from school today? Or Cortana reminding folks of a doctor's appointment after waking from standby and/or forwarding that info with Smartglass enabled mobile devices?

This device is no toy.

fattyuk2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

That made me chuckle reading your post!!

It's just silly/stupid from start to finish!

edit : didn't I read how Xbox one isn't a 3d Blu ray player? Yeah that's great innovation for a living room all in one device!

edit again : oh sorry yes NO 3D BLU RAY AT LAUNCH (winner of innovations!)

.... will probably be behind a pay wall anyway when it's released!

notyobizhwispndmymny2873d ago

At launch! Conveniently omitted that part, didnt you?

christocolus2873d ago

keep ur bias to yourself fatyuuk...i read morepowers.. comment and he made some valid dont care about the xbox one but you rush in here to attack those who are actualy interested in getting one.. and the 3d player blu ray thing is coming but not at launch.

vinniects2873d ago

didn't you here the 3d craze is over.

Belking2873d ago

Don't hate bro. M S is fighting the fight. They aren't just gonna lie down and let apple and google do what Samsung has done to Sony. The living room and multimedia features are key and why ms model will keep them competitive wit google/apple. Sony is too busy trying to satisfy their fanboys and that's why they aren't in a position of leadership anymore. Japan is slowly falling apart.

fattyuk2873d ago


Why don't you keep your bias to yourself?

I didn't "attack" anyone so could you please not attack me

I made some valid points aswell

And yes I'm aware that 3D Blu ray is not coming at launch - isn't this thread and the comment I replied to all about "all in one" multimedia features about the Xbox one - and I commented about how a basic feature for a Blu ray player isn't even being released on launch!!

XboxFun2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

OH NO! NO 3D ON MY BLU RAY player at launch?!

*throw popcorn bowl against wall*

Well I guess I can still stream my movies and music at launch thank goodness.

*kicks feet up and watches The Comedy, listens to Terry Malts later*

Godmars2902873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Not being 3D ready out of the box, having to rely on a "future" update with no time-frame, bring the entire notion of the XB1 being "future-proof".

If it can't do 1080P easily and it wont do 3D immediately, then what is the expectation of 4K resolution suppose to be?

And its not that anyone is really thinking about all this crap that we're arguing about it, it that MS and Sony have been promoting and promising it. That one of them is extremely failing and making excuses about that promise.

You can stream content in 3D? No - then why bring it up?

@Grown Folks Talk:
Again, Sony's not using "Future-Proof" as a marketing phrase. It also sucks and is beyond stupid that the PS4 needs a day one patch to play BR and DVDs, as well as not being able to use MP3 or a media server until "some later date".

But none of that was promised, it was just expected to such a degree that no one thought to ask and when "someone" did, "everyone" got upset about it.

Grown Folks Talk2873d ago

Because everything Sony promised is available at launch, right?

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eddieistheillest2873d ago

As an gamer fan (getting an x1 on launch) lol @ 3d being behind a paywall.

GrandTheftZamboni2873d ago

Cortana can greet an xbox gamer: "Timmy, are you happy to see me, or is that AAA battery in your pocket?"

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stuna12873d ago

Do you have a checklist of the craziest things to say, that you check off daily!?

Microsoft won't ever leave any competitor in the dust! Simply because their too restrictive. Microsoft is just following suit like the others are! Everything is a natural progression, eventually every service will evolve, and is not just for Microsoft to be the only one's being the sole benefactor of said progress. The fact that Microsoft is vying for control of the living room, is in itself is showing just how restrictive they are, considering most people are spending more time away from home! This is why portable devices are as popular as they are now.

Ultimately this is a wait and see type of situation.

Mustang300C20122873d ago

Yet Apple is just as restrictive with their stuff so what is your point?

stuna12873d ago

Apple also has other appliances that can be used outside the house! Examples for living room would be Apple TV! Outside the home, IPad, iPhone, iPod plus Apple has functionality with any PC you choose to log onto! That's my point.

So my question to you; What is Microsoft doing that's so different? I'm not even going to disagree with you.

rainslacker2872d ago

MS doesn't leave competitors in the dust because they end up coming way late to the party. They takes what's been trending, take a couple years to figure out what to do with it, and get in on the market after the trend has either died(motion control), or after other companies have already made a sizable dent in the market(media box).

Nowadays, the most basic Blu-Ray player, and a half decent HDTV that is at least $500 will do all the basic functions the X1 does. The only thing the X1 offers over those options is the ability to play games(it's one positive selling point) and multi-tasking(something that most people that watch TV don't do on a TV anyways). For this latter feature, they screw it up for the common consumer because they put it all behind a pay wall, which I'd imagine most customers would have a hard time paying for, and it's hard to justify the ability to play online to people getting it for a media box.

I find it rather ironic how often I've seen people say how Sony sold so many PS3's because it was a cheap blu-ray player, yet now they are touting how the X1 will sell miraculously because it is an all in one entertainment box. Unfortunately the comparison doesn't track, because unlike blu-ray players at the time, media functionality is ubiquitous and either cheap or free in most cases.

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Sayai jin2873d ago

@Belking - It's not just Samsung, but Sharp is one of the top quality TV makers as well. Onkyo, Denon, Pioneer, Harmon Kardon, etc have taken over the living room as far as home audio in terms of features and overall quality.

On topic, I hope they do well with this push as I will support and welcome new ideas into the tech world regardless of the company.

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curtis922873d ago

here's the problem with sticking your jack-of-all-trades product into every market: It doesn't excel at any one particular thing.

games per console will suffer because a lot of non-gamers will purchase it.

On the services side it can't compete with $50-$100 products that essentially do the same stuff (granted--with a remote GASP!)

So in the end you're left with an aimless product, directed at everyone with no real target audience buying into it. Sounds great to investors and on paper, but look at almost every other MS product and you'll see where this is heading.

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grassyknoll2873d ago

I think the second biggest thing is the paywall for the apps. It's cheaper to get a Chromecast than a year of Live! People are not gonna pay access for fees on top of $500.

4Sh0w2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

But thats the thing this is NOT selling $500 just for any one thing its $500 for everything it does, which means the mommy or daddy who isn't a gamer and isnt to keen at picking up a $500 game console for lil johnny, might however buy in when he sees the multimedia capabilities that exceed the $99 tv device because then he can satisfy the wife who likes the workout stuff, the kids who wants to play games and of course the multi media capabilities he'd like hooked to the tv, therefore he sees it as a bargain allowing him to kill 3 birds with one stone.

None of apple or googles tv products offer a package even close to the level of what X1 does, not that they are bad or good devices but the point is they arent intended to compete with the X1.

Micro has nothing to lose to apple or google in this cross market space, potential consumers may opt for a X1 for its multimedia capabilities vs google, apple tv boxes but gamers aren't opting for google, apple tv over X1 for gaming.

rainslacker2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


And what happens when Sony unleashes the VitaTV on that same market? If you can't see that the VitaTV is a much bigger competitor to those $99 boxes, yet offers the gaming aspect that you mention for lil johny, then you should really take a closer look at it.

That little $99 console will be much more attractive to the family as it offers all those things you mentioned, yet is 80% cheaper.

It's also rather amusing that you think that the typical family make up is basically, kid that plays video games, a mom that works out, and a dad that is some tech head media freak.

More often than not, it's the parents who watch TV, sometimes not even together, and lil johny with some handheld(or smartphone) off in his room so he doesn't hog up the TV that the parents want to watch. In all this, more often than not, Mom and Dad are probably not going to see the value in spending an extra $50 a year, on top of all the other subscriptions required to use the media features, just to watch what they could watch for free on any number of other devices that are in their house already.

DanielGearSolid2873d ago

I disagree.... Apple TV and Chromecast are WAY cheaper, and I am not aware of any media features on Xbox One that make it worth the extra 300-400 bucks.

All the big names are there Netflix, Hulu, etc, etc

Kayant2873d ago

The big problem for MS is the XBL paywall in terms of targeting casuals who only care about media & do very little/no gaming what incentive is there for them to drop $500/£429 on an XB1 when they have all those services already or can they could get it cheaper with other more accessible products.

This only works with people that have some interest in gaming otherwise it doesn't do anything better than other alternatives do and that is a large market that MS will be missing coming forward.

Mustang300C20122873d ago

If this was a problem how come it has been a success since 2002?

BG115792873d ago

This kind of speech reminds me of the famous CD-i, the all in one box...
How did it end already?

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