Pocket Gamer: The World Ends With You Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "Would it be too fanciful and pretentious to say The World Ends With You is an allegory of our modern consumerist society? Probably. But then there aren't many games that demand you're up with the latest fashion to get you through to the next level. But if there's one message that comes across loud and clear in Square Enix's latest role-player, it's that looks matter.

Set in modern day Shibuya (Tokyo), The World Ends With You is part shopping sim, part RPG. The shopping aspect can't be underestimated because there are so many boutiques and so many clothing options you'll be initially overwhelmed. Though obviously not the first game to include customisable accessories, this is the first RPG to build an entire game framework around it. But really, it's not such a daft idea – just think of it as buying a boob-tube with healing properties rather than a vorpal sword +1 against undead."

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