No wireless guitar for Xbox 360

Last week developer Red Octane announced that the Playstation 2 version of Guitar Hero II would get a wireless guitar. Some guys were curious about the Xbox 360 version and decided just to ask Red Octane about it.

Unfortunately they got the answer that currently Microsoft doesn't allow third-party developers to design wireless accessoires. For that reason, no wireless guitar will be released for the Xbox 360 anytime soon.

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Grown Folks Talk4457d ago

anyone who actually researched the 360 already knew that microsoft made their wireless proprietary. they charge a fee to anyone to make wireless accessories, and if they don't approve it, it won't work.

warrill4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

Ok is it just me or are there other's out there who feel that microsoft's propriatary technology is going to hender them on this. Hell I would rather buy a ps2 at a pawn shop for 40s buck, along with guitar hero 2 just to play it with a wireless guitar. Hell Microsoft could make their own controler that would work with the game. Anyway, in my opinion this is lame, and it could be Avoided if some people would pull their heads out of their butts.

Scrooge4457d ago

If Microsoft just listened to you they could be a worldwide money-making business. [sarcasm]. The decisions MS has made with their business is the reason they're one of the most profitable businesses in the world. They're not retards, and deffinitely don't have their heads up their butts.

BIadestarX4457d ago

Relax; lets consider the following facts:
1) You most likely do not have a 360 and therefore will not be affected by this.
2) You can't possibly understand why Microsoft does this and your IQ (probably 60-80 base on your comments).
3) It is possible microsoft prefers to be careful with this since it can cause interference with the wireless headset or any other device which can make people upset at guess who? yeah... microsoft.
So, relax get the PS2 version or wait 1-2 years for the PS3 version. "Microsoft could make their own controler that would work with the game" this is not happen... how many games will use it? Maybe 1 which is Guitar Hero which happen to bring its own controller. Wow.. great Idea....

kmis874457d ago

Totally weak. Having played Guitar Hero with both wireless and wired, wireless is definitely better. But having it wired isn't really that bad, it'll still be awesome.

Mikey_Gee4457d ago

But finaly tried it out at EB on the PS2.

IN SHORT ... will for sure buy it for my 360. I am a guitar player and found this game to be very very fun. But you DO NOT need to be a guitar player to enjoy this. For parties this game would be a BLAST, but I can see me spending a good deal of time on my own playing it as well.

BTW, the PS2 version has the Gibson SG guitar, but I am super happy the 360 has the Gibson Explorer guitar to match my real one


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