Father Of Video Games: 'The Violence Lost The Women, The Long Form Lost The Casual Gamer'

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and co-creator of "Pong," thinks games have lost their way, and violent games and long, complicated gameplay is to blame.

But he finds hope in the rise of Wii and casual games, he told Multiplayer in a phone interview yesterday morning.

I proposed that games started as a hardcore medium, but he disagreed. "The way that games started, they were virtually all casual. If you really think about 'Breakout,' 'Tank' and some of those things, games were very, very simple," he said.

He can even pinpoint when things went astray.

'I like to talk about [how] 1983 was sort of the break point where games went from casual to hardcore," said Bushnell. "They got violent. They went long form. The violence lost the women and the long form lost the casual gamer. I actually sort of stuck to my roots, and the console game market moved away.'"

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MyNutsYourChin3831d ago

I totally agree. I remember the transition from a standard "game" to more like an in depth novel with "game"play elements.