Infinite Undiscovery: Lots of images

As is usual in Japan, the official site of Infinite Undiscovery has been updated 2 days after the release of the latest Famitsu Weekly. But this update sure is impressive, with nothing less than 33 new images of that great looking game!

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hades073854d ago

The look of this game is reminiscent of Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast. Can't wait until it actually comes out.

callahan093853d ago

Are you kidding me? I actually got a "Disagree" for saying something so simple as "looks nice?"

If you don't think it looks nice, just post a comment saying "I don't like it" and for whatever reason. Some people are out of control with that disagree button. Does it make you feel special?

pwnmaster30003854d ago

this is one of the few games i waiting for the 360 it looks hella sick, graphic sux though, but wat do you expect from 360

hey hey hey3854d ago

better looking than any ps3 rpg oo i forgot we dont have rpgs on the ps3 when wwill sony act>maybe beyond

sammy_mantra3853d ago

Infinite discovery looks like a piece of TRASH

the ingame graphics loook like RETARDEED low poly S***

any PS3 exclusive game will look miless better than any x360 exclusive/multi plat game


FF13 and WKS look better than all X720 games maybe

Shadow Man3853d ago

Are you serious? The graphics look awesome Please tell me ur kidding. I know ur a PS3 fan but be honest

InYourMom3853d ago

Sammy I knew you had a certain stupidity about you. Now I realize who you are!

Sammy = Nasim aka Shmee aka Tidus and you know he's probably trolling under a hand full of other accounts as well.

What a joke.

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Tarasque3854d ago

As long as the gameplay is good and it is fairly long, this will be a must buy for me.

ruibing3853d ago

It's Tri Ace, which is on par with Square Enix and Level 5. These three should keep the JRPG genre alive.

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The story is too old to be commented.