MGO Resolution 665p Equivalent and 30fps


"Pixel counters at the ready! There's been some debate over the final rendering resolution of Metal Gear Solid 4. Screenshot pixel counting has been hazy, so the first sign of a possible resolution is found in the launch of the Metal Gear Online Beta. The Beta has now begun in Europe (yes it's up, go and play!) and the results are in."

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Fishy Fingers3831d ago

Not bad for an old build and a beta. Hopefully they improve for the actual launch version (I think it already has).

The beta is really gorgeous as is though :)

Violater3831d ago

and more importantly rock solid framerate and no JAGGIES

St03831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

It's 60fps with a bit of slowdown when there's alot of players on screen, but it's a beta so it'll get fixed. Plus it's 1080p, that's what my TV switches to anyway

hey hey hey3831d ago

tbh i am notimpresses by this game and its not hard to see that its not 650p not true hd its a shame .

Fishy Fingers3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

It a beta.

This is why public betas are rare, its meant as a form of play testing, it doesn't fully represent the finished article, that would be a DEMO not a BETA. There is a distinct difference between the two.

Set your sights lower.

sonarus3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Well we'll see when the game comes out. However i'm betting the final release will prob be the same which is dissapointing but i've been waiting far too long to play this game to let a little thing like this affect me

DRUDOG3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Anybody in NA playing this yet? I just tried to log in, but kept getting the server error message. Are you guys all in the EU or am I just the one screwed guy?!?

EDIT: Fishy (1.3) you are right and even most demos come with the disclaimer that they are by no means the final product and are not to be judged as such.

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm in now and it's working fine...

Statix3831d ago

Even though it's BETA, it's still a high chance that 665p will be the resolution for the final game (which is less than 2 months away).

sonarus3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

While some of you are hear whining about such resolutions the MGO beta is up in northa america i got to got to school but when i come back its me and this baby all night long.

I can't play it right now or i will be late for my classes but i will be rushing home to play. The character creation is pretty nice, game looks pretty good as good as you would expect it. Game controls are better than i expected for some reason i expected lame controls. There is also clan support and from the little i have played i can confirm no lag. All in all going to be an enjoyable experience

fenderputty3831d ago


I don't really care about the resolution. As long is it looks and plays nice and smooth.

gaffyh3831d ago

Just played it for the first time and the controls are really really complicated, I'm glad to see that they've kept most of the original controls, but they've added soo much more features.

I like the levelling up system they have put in, i.e. you attach a certain skill and the skill levels up gradually. You can attach 4 at a time and I think there are about 20

MikeGdaGod3831d ago

see you guys online


DRUDOG3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Agree with gaffyh. Controls are rather complicated. They do use a lot of the same controls as the MGS, but it seems to overly complicate SOME (not all) things.

They will need to tweak the turn speed because even maxing it out at 10 isn't quick enough for me.

Graphically it looks good, nothing spectacular, but solidly good. No framerate drops, no pop-ins, ran smooth.

Aiming is a easy, but accuracy/distance is something I will have to get used to (COD4 player here).

Sessions ran smoothly, but I did have it drop a couple times in the lobby. One time it dropped in lobby and seemed to automatically put me in another lobby which was nice instead of going through the process all over again. Game setup was quick (I used an autosearch to just jump in) and never took more than 10 seconds to find a game.

There is a timer once in the lobby for everyone to confirm they're ready, but I don't know why we are even given a chance at "being ready". There isn't really much to set-up (play options is about it) so they'll need to shorten the clock or get rid of it altogether. Sucks having to wait for people to hit the start button when everyone else is ready!

The CQC is weird since it changes with each weapon. For example, the M4 would only do a gun butt "punch" while you can actually grab a person with a 9M and throw them down. Seems like they could just make that universal and not worry about what weapon is being used.

It's fairly variable with your player and weapon set-up. I'm absolutely certain there will be more choices in the full game, but there is a lot there to mess around with. The only problem is once you've created your character's look and it is saved you're done. You can only go back and take items off/on, not add anything new. The "perks" are cool. Each one levels up separately and there are a bunch to choose from like mastery of certain weapon types to CQC or moving faster.

Wasn't able to really put the "team" comms to work (I think it's called SOP) like we've seen in trailers.

It's difficult to tell where the engagements are. Players on the map do not light up (as far as I could tell) when firing so it was difficult to know where exactly the fire fight was.

Hold down select until a "open voice comms" (or something like that) is displayed on the left hand side of the screen. Your mic should then be open. Press select and quick, pre-set messages can be sent. Again, the problem with that is not knowing where exactly the message might have come from. Names are displayed in the upper left when players speak or someone dies, but I couldn't tell (might have been just me) when "joeblow21" says "I need backup" where the hell he even is.

The two maps I played were decent and were different sizes with a lot of doors into the same building or small passages all around. Sneaking up on people won't be an issue if you can find them.

Played team deathmatch and it consisted of four rounds. Can't remember exactly, but each round was probably 5-10 minutes. Time runs out and scores are tallied. After the score displays it jumps right back into the next round and puts you into the weapons selection screen. It's nice and quick.

Deathcam needs some work. Sometimes it showed them killing me, other times is showed them running around afterwards. I'd like an optional button to skip it altogether, especially since it's of the nearly 10 second variety. Who doesn't want to jump right back into the game instead of seeing yourself lying there.

Can't think of much else. My first impression is it's very fun. Will take some getting used to for first person players and those unfamiliar with MGS controls. There are a few optional tutorials that explain the controls rather well so go there first (even I did) just to get the feel for it. This is just one man's opinion so please don't spam me with disagrees. Just leave a comment about what you thought of MGSO so far.

EDIT: Fack, didn't know this post was that long. Freaked me out after I saw it posted. Sorry for the novel...

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BilI Gates3831d ago

30 fps are they sure? It almost looks like 60 lol.

Statix3831d ago

In all honesty, 720p and 30 fps is not "gross." If anything, it's quite plenty and good enough. Especially if the framerate is consistent and smooth; those of you who are whining and begging on about "1080p @ 60 fps" are just being too demanding for this generation of games.

Bnet3433831d ago

I thought the PS3 was all mighty and powerful? 665p? WTF is that?

fenderputty3831d ago

This isn't going to stop is it? lol

Adamalicious3831d ago

Hmm, I wonder if tN is joking...

What "that" is is, I'm pretty sure, a beta.


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PS360WII3831d ago

Cool beans and to the gamer this doesn't mean a thing ^^ because it looks amazing! Well plus as Fishy Fingers said it's a beta

MikeGdaGod3831d ago

i thought the ps3 didn't upscale games. my tv says 1080p when running this game. if it upscales games, why aren't all games showing in 1080p?

could someone break that down for me? bubbles for those that put forth the effort.

SDFm3rc3831d ago

WTF is that all about?

On the PS3?? LOL

Damnthats really sad news for us Sony fans, getting shafted year after year by those shifty mofos @ Konami.

I thought this game would at least be 60 fps plus 1080p!!!

when you think about it, 665p is more enbarrasing than the Halo 3 uproar. Look HOW LONG Konami have had to work on the game (4 years).

All for 665p? Give me a break.

I'm really thinking about selling my PS3 now, I'ts hardly ever used these days and I certainly won't use it to play 665p games. I thought Sony said their games would be 1080p? That's why I bought my 1080p TV. Not for fukin 665p!!

Meus Renaissance3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Halo 3? COD4? That's what I thought. Go back to the cage (Open Zone).

Sell your PS3 please. Less people like you on PSN, the better personally.

TheForgotten0ne3831d ago

Why do I doubt that you actually own a PS3?
And it's a BETA!

They probably wanted to make it small, easy to download. Just like the AoC PvP beta, there wasn't DirectX10 support, to make it smaller!

It's not the game, but I won't be mad if it isn't 1080p, I don't even have a HD-TV and I doubt I get it anytime soon!

Statix3831d ago

With all due respect, sir, of COURSE you don't care that MGS4 is 665p. You don't even own an HDTV,

pegger243831d ago

I will give you $250 USD for it, I would love to have a second one for the bedroom, I mean, if you hate it that much 250 should seem like a bargain

hey hey hey3831d ago

i totally agree 650p after having 4 years to make the game no to mention the game looks stale and low texture look of it i expected much more well atleast it confirmed mgs4 will be running at 650P

Bazookajoe_833831d ago

I thought this game would at least be 360 fps plus 2160p....

Martini3831d ago

Do not expect the resolution to go up after the beta - what you see is what you get.

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