Eurogamer Preview: Fallout 3

Eurogamer writes: "Given that the developer is responsible for the most successful Western-style RPG of recent years, Oblivion, it was a little surprising, during Fallout 3's demonstration, to get the sense of a team with something to prove. While there is much about FO3 that recalls Oblivion, there are also regular elements that arise as if to signify, 'You know - we are good enough to deal with a legend as big as Fallout. Watch this.' In itself, this is a tad touching. A team like Bethesda would probably be justified in going, 'Damn the lot of you - our way is the best way.' The result is something that - on these impressions - seems to be the next logical step on from Oblivion, while infusing as much of what made Fallout Fallout as they reasonably can."

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