Sony may 'monitor and record' PSN voice and text communications

Sony's updated PlayStation 4 Software Usage Terms reveals the company may monitor and record PSN activity including content of voice and text communications

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svoulis2875d ago

This article has clickbait written all over it, Essentially its saying it can use any information through PSN to make sure a user stays in compliance to the ToS. It has nothing to do with advertisement or endorsements.

Direct quote.

Your use of PSN and our community features may be recorded and collected by us or sent to us by other users as described in 13.1. Any information collected in this way, for example, your UGM, the content of your voice and text communications, video of your gameplay, the time and location of your activities, and your name, your PSN Online ID and IP address, may be used by us or our affiliated companies to enforce these Terms and the SEN Terms of Service, to comply with the law, to protect our rights and those of our licensors and users, and to protect the personal safety of our employees and users. This information may be passed to the police or other appropriate authorities. By accepting these Software Usage Terms, you expressly consent to this."

Sitdown2875d ago

Who said it had anything to do with advertisements or endorsements? Drop the shield levels captain, no need to go into damage control.

svoulis2875d ago

You really don't think this will spin out of control? So why not start damage control before it gets worse?

mandf2875d ago

Its Polygon. Keep throwing crap until something sticks. This is how a negative viral campaign works.

decrypt2875d ago

This is all to do with NSA spying. Pretty much any device these days be it Android Phones, Iphone etc they all come with some sort of spying.

No surprise this has spread to home consoles.

Americans really need to take a stand against their government and its policies.

Wake up americans you no longer live in a free country.

Hell americans need to wake up check out the biggest offender of all. Which is the Federal Reserve. Which pretends to be a government organization. Yet its a private central bank which has robbed American dry.

For anyone wanting to find out more please youtube Federal reserve and find out how you have been indirectly taxed, cheated and driven into a debt driven system. A new born american today has a debt of about USD 50,000 on their heads and are slaves to the system from birth. People need to wake up and learn.

The_Con-Sept2875d ago

Just remember. This is a ToS deal. If you make a death threat to someone and they call 911. That is when you get taken to jail. The NSA is on Xbox kinect.

Gazondaily2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

So, what goes around, comes around.

Remember my comment here?

In reality, you probably have agreed with several of these kinds of terms of business. Its just the reality of how things work. Its good that more people are made aware of it I guess but yeah...there you go.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2875d ago

Look at the Sony fans go. If this was MS and Kinect related, this would be HUGE news and number one on N4G.

kreate2875d ago

this is for the protection of the users though.
as I mentioned below, when u harass someone, sony will ban u from psn for 1 month.

but to prove that u mis-behaved, they will send u screenshots or videos of ur behavior as proof that u broke the ToS.

that's why its in there in the ToS. its not to spy on u. that's why the camera isn't forced on u like Kinect.

Microsoft, lets just exclude the xbox, already spies on u via the windows. which is used to protect their assets. too many people making fake copies of windows and selling or trading them type of thing.

to be fair, apple, google, yahoo already does the same thing. don't use it when u are getting spied.

XB1_PS42875d ago

@ The_Con-sept

I have a buddy that is in the Navy, he specializes in language code decryption. He works in an NSA building. He told me a while ago, to spy on anyone, the NSA has to:

Verify a threat

Refer to the constitution to see if you are protected. (if you aren't suspected of treason, murder, or terrorist activity then you cannot be spied on in your home by the NSA.)

Do tons of paperwork (Getting permission from executive branch of Gov't)

After getting all of that done, then, and only then, can they spy on a single person.

He told me to spy through Xbox Kinects, it would take lifetimes of verification. Essentially impossible.

That's why Kinect, doesn't and never will bother me being on all the time. I'd be more worried about your everyday hacker, then the NSA.

GrandTheftZamboni2874d ago

This if from 2008 about MS providing "backdoor" entry to their own OS:

"...Microsoft's efforts are not purely altruistic. It benefits from selling collaboration software and other technology..."

If MS benefits from collaboration with security agencies, what makes you think they won't collaborate with other (advertising) partners? Their money is no good?

UltimateMaster2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I'll say it once so that I don't have to say it again.

Every time I go on the internet, I always think like everything I say and do online is public.
That's true for every device regardless of the OS.

The problem I have with Xbox One and Kinect is that it "Bridges the gap between online and offline". Meaning even if I'm not using the internet, I'm still being watched.

Every website out there tracks what you do.
Amazon tracks your shopping behaviors to bring you more content you may like. I think that was what Microsoft wanted to go for when they went to the advertising convention but just isn't the right approach and it's a breach of privacy.

You can limit the content you put online, but if the kinect is watching you and uploads automatically? You can't.

TheGreatAndPowerful2874d ago

Polygon.. why am I not surprised. I see they're making good use of that 750k MS donated to them.

pixelsword2874d ago

Since I rarely use either, It matters very little to me.

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Irishguy952875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Uh oh, Sony monitoring Comms and selling it to the Russians. AmIright?

Lol, can't wait to see all the hypocrites defending Sony in here after all that crap about MS doing this. And before anyone even tries to suggest this is any different than what MS is doing. It is right there in the TOS. "Will be sent to police or other authorities". Anything you say or do on your Ps4, sony can do with it what it wants. Exactly the same as MS and all that 'NSA device' bull****

Haha, it's already begun below. Thats right, MS told us about it ages ago and the internet took a massive **** on them, but it's all ok when Sony are doing it. Sony even slyly hid it in the Tos hahaha knowing that MS where taking a beating over it. Some people even called it an invasion of privacy.

*Grabs popcorn

kneon2875d ago

The internet was wrong about Microsoft and they are wrong about Sony. This is normal procedure when you run any communications service.

They are able to listen in on your conversations if they need to. It's not in order to spy on you, it's for QOS issues. Your cell phone operator can do the same thing, it's perfectly legal in most countries provided they aren't targeting a specific individual.

In the case of consoles though they have even more to look into as there are TOS with which you need to comply. So if they have a reason to believe that you are violating the TOS then they can do what's needed to determine if that is the case.

creatchee2875d ago

The excuses and the naysaying is already piling up. I only wonder if everyone who said that they wouldn't buy an Xbox One because they were "afraid" of monitoring or had some principle against it will now cancel their PS4 preorders.

I'm pretty sure they won't.

black0o2875d ago

drop the act .. this policy been there for years and there's already 80+ million haPpy users

GarrusVakarian2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

This is a LITTLE different....I believe the initial worry was that MS were going to actually spy on you with the Kinect. I think everyone here has agreed to these terms and services multiple times with multiple devices in their lives. They are on the PS3 too.

Utalkin2me2875d ago

Unfortunately you guys are lumping camera/voice monitoring for NSA, with what every communications company has to follow ToS laws. Totally 2 different things.....SMH

creatchee2875d ago


"Unfortunately you guys are lumping camera/voice monitoring for NSA, with what every communications company has to follow ToS laws. Totally 2 different things.....SMH"

No, they're not different at all. Somebody monitoring your communications, whether it's text, voice, or video, is STILL monitoring your communications. And no, it doesn't matter if it's Microsoft, Sony, the FBI, the KGB, or aliens - you are still being monitored.

People can justify or naysay all they want, but if a company puts this in their ToS, then they have reason and right to use it. I'm not saying they will either. My point is that there was a huge portion of people who made a big deal of Kinect being a spy cam, when just about any electronic device is and can be used to monitor us already.

UltimateMaster2874d ago

As far as the NSA is concerned, they stick their nose where they don't belong.

If only I could fart on them each time they spy on people they don't need to, I would.
And it wouldn't smell good.

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MasterCornholio2875d ago

That makes sense.

Nexus 7 2013

black0o2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

isn't this the same thing for the ps3 as well ..

Edit: if u read the psn term of service u'll see this isn't a new thing it's been there but no one cared until now

theRell2875d ago

Yes. Exactly the same I believe.

nasnas762874d ago

Contradictory PS4 fans, file #8:

xBox Kinect is always listening for commands but no evil empire behind recording = evil

PS4 = someone can listen to and record w/o you knowing it if it has to = who cares

G-Skill2875d ago

For me i'm not from the united state so since Sony is from Japan and micro from US i will trust Sony much more with my personal information

Volkama2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )


Saviour2875d ago

it's ps4 it wont get worst :), if it was xbox thn yea it would be bad coz its MS :).

Utalkin2me2875d ago

Well you have been agreeing to these ToS for years now.

Blaze9292875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

this is soooo funny to watch. The same thing people were bashing Kinect, Microsoft, and Xbox One for as a "legit reason" to not buy, Sony is doing the exact same thing with your privacy.

Like i said, this is 2013. If you go on the internet or even own a cell phone, you have no right to be complaining about privacy now.

So is this good news now since it's coming from Sony? Can't wait as we draw closer to PS4 launch we learn a lot more about what Sony won't tell or show dat UI walkthrough still missing 4 days before launch -_-

Utalkin2me2875d ago

My god people this is totally 2 different things. Kinect/Xbox1 giving NSA video and voice. Thats not the same as ToS.

isa_scout2875d ago

I really didnt mind the Kinect always being on...I bought the PS4 camera and as long as it's plugged in it will always be on to. We live in a society that monitors civilians like criminals just waiting for us to make the slightest mistake or slip up and say the wrong thing.
If MS and Sony didn't have these ToS they could be held liable by the govt. I agree though that if this would've been the XOne people would've been talking hella crap about it though.
People need to wake up and either fight these practices or roll with the punches. If you're not going to make a stand then STFU about it.
I for one don't really give a crap. I buy sytems to play games.Period. That's why I'll buy both consoles eventually. Waiting on Halo for XOne. Still, people need to realize that while MS did drop most of it's anti-consumer policies, being constantly monitored isn't something that will be exclusive to either system. We're monitored everyday by damn near every device, but there is a HUGE difference between DRM and being monitored. That goes for both consoles.

Infamous2982875d ago

Sony, you disappointed me :[.

black0o2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

too bad u already agreed to it .. assuming u r using a ps3 http://legaldoc.dl.playstat... sec-15

@below i know but in and i only knew about this becoz i got banned for a week once for trolling kids in kz3, and when i called sony about it i was shocked when they read to me what i was calling those kids, and they said once they get a report on a user they monitor him/her if he/she found guilty .. ban-hummer meets u

and they advised me to read the terms of use

Infamous2982875d ago

but it doesnt make that right to do that, i am buying the ps4 and i am a long supporter of sony since PS1 days but i am just pointing out what is wrong.

Angerfist2875d ago

You can't sugar coat this, this is same cap as the new Xbox ToS.
Giving your Data away, giving it to 3rd parties etc.

Bundi2875d ago

The excuses and defences you hear when something unsavoury about sony pops up are ridiculous! They seem incapable of wrong to ponies.

I can only imagine the things that would be said if this were MS...que bathj telling us sony has earned the right to do shady seeming practices.

kreate2875d ago

I don't understand this spin.
ps3 has been the same way.

for example.

in HOME, I ended up in HOME jail becuz I broke HOME's ToS. I got in a fight with the Mod and told her how retarded she is and sony sent me screenshots of myself harassing the Mod. the screenshot included was texts of what I said becuz I didn't use a headset. and I was banned from HOME for 1 month.

of course in this case, sony already saved my conversation I had with the mod so they can use it as proof that my behavior was not in compliance with HOME's ToS.

so u guys understand what's going on here?

Sci0n2874d ago

crabs in a bucket xbot loyalist trying to start that bu bu bu bu Sony is going to do it too. I swear the whole microsoft camp along with the fanboys are the saddest pieces of crap ever. That ship is sinking before it has even been fully boarded and ready to take off and the X1 fans and biased paid off journalist want to drag every down with them.

worldwidegaming2874d ago

any information through PSN to make sure a user stays in compliance to the ToS? O_o
Better read that ToS and have a lawyer nearby to comprehend!

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Mikelarry2875d ago

ok it seems like as the ps4 draws closer people are reading through the TOS to find something to fuel an outcry from the industry. i am sure it wasnt 2 hours ago when an article claimed Sony was implementing DRM because of the updated TOS.

tiremfej2875d ago

A draconian DRM, that MS dropped? Or a ToS that is now coming to light? I would have to say a ToS is much more important than the latter. Who am I to disagree though...i love having all of my communications recorded! It will keep me safe gooooo Sony!!!

Mikelarry2875d ago

if you believe ms will not be recording you as well you must have been living under a rock these past few days.

MorePowerOfGreen2875d ago ShowReplies(1)
Silly gameAr2875d ago

These guys are really trying their hardest find some crap that will stick. It's so cute.

Dread2875d ago

I know. Dont worry, here at N4G we all know that Sony is perfect, supr pro gamer, and hates profits.

Now lest get back at hating on MS please.

tiremfej2875d ago

I'm going to waste all three bubbles here. I just wanted to say, I agree with you 100%. In the future please do not comment negatively towards Sony.

On the other hand all this negative publicity and ranting and raving about X1 has been great, I've heard more about it than PS4. I've also seen far far more adds featuring actual game play on X1. I have not seen a single game play add for PS4...Im just saying.

LordMaim2875d ago

@tiremfej: Sure you have. Microsoft has been airing them, passing the PS4 footage off as their own.

MasterCornholio2875d ago

If they wanted to do that all they have to do is play duke nukeum forever.

Nexus 7 2013

Dohv2875d ago

Yeah its so hard to find something bad about the PS4 while with the Xbox 720p their is bad news almost everyday. So they have to dig and struggle to find something bad to say.

Bundi2875d ago

I'm not sure I would call reading the terms of service "trying their hardest to find..."
I mean it isn't some obscure document that was found by going through the trash can on a sony lawyer or something. It is available for all to read on the playstation official site.

Some people like to read terms before they agree with them. Some people don't think sony is the messiah of gaming and should be blindly followed.

What's cute is the smokescreen and redirect routine that ponies have got down to an art.

Silly gameAr2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Well, I haven't been on the whole X1 hate wagon lately so you guys have fun with that. I'm not going to waste my energy on something I don't intend to buy.

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GTgamer2875d ago

Lmao i love how you guys Are finding something to putdown Sony smfh.