The ps3 is following the ps2. If you compare the ps2 launch date with ps3, both of them were are on the same road map. This is just to show you sony is doing something right.

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HighDefinition3831d ago

And people wouldn`t believe me, I lost alot of bubbles for it aswell.

Beleive it or NOT, it`s TRUE.

Personally I think PS3 will outsell the PS2 when it`s all said and done. Because it`s that much more impressive.

Capt CHAOS3831d ago

My first PS2 was the best way into DVD, and back in those days, everyone was raving about how cool DVD is (compared to VHS). Not many people are raving about the hi-def stuff so the main selling point has to be games this time around.

I know lots of people who are happy with their PS2's and the thing is still selling well..

shine13963831d ago ought to be doing better...this is basically saying that the ps3 has some hope left...ps2>miles better after poor start(GT/MGS/ff/gta took if off>>PS1 and Ps1>miles better after poor start, tekken 2 kicked it all off>>n64.

price cut is what turned it around for ps3 thus far...of course like everyone is saying...big guns are still really to come has tons of things in its locker yet...

theredfoxisquick3831d ago

Yeah and now in 2008 it looks like the ps3 will get that simlliar sales boost that the ps2 got. 360 of course is lagging behind because it failed in japan and is not doing as well in europe or australia.

warhawk12343831d ago

Thats some good info I have to say because I remember that.

Captain Tuttle3831d ago

Or is it only correct when it shows something favorable to Sony?

3831d ago
crematory3831d ago

so stop talk about ps2 for now and enjoy ps2 with this oustanding game

toughNAME3831d ago

bubble Turtle for beating me to it, because you'll probably lose some

Steve Urkel3831d ago

@Cyber Sentinel

Even Steve Urkel knows that VGChartz is garbage. And I am still stuck back in the 90's.

My time machine was broken when I went back to get some cheese.

Did I do that?

dan-boy3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

man this site! look at your disagrees building up aswell lol! in ten years the ps3 mite get somewhere near the ps2, but in all honesty i cant see sony selling more than 60mil units!

it will beat the 360 without doubt, and may catch the wii, but sony will never again dominate like they used too! and in the next-gen of consoles....well, imo sony will see even more of what was once their exclusive market taken from them.

now watch my disagrees build up!

and how can vgchatrz(of all sites mind-you) say that when the ps3 is getting stomped by the wii back home??? last gen, the ps2 ruled in every territory, now it's only in the EU where it's doing particularly well. in NA it's pretty much doing the same as the 360, and in japan, well, sony must be hating nintendo! and they're lucky the 360 was still born over there.

Electricear3831d ago

But I agree with people who say VGchartz is off typically with their predicted units moved, and their reported units moved for a given (current/past few) month(s) when compared to the NPD numbers; however, arn't these particular charts based off the final reported NPD numbers as well as similar reporting systems for other countries? As VGchartz didn't have their "sources" back when many of the older consoles came out. Thus to be accurate they would have to use similar reporting data. I would hope that the long term charts are based off more long term and reliable sources such as the NPD to keep the chats consistant.

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theredfoxisquick3831d ago

Yeah the wii is selling a ton. But seriously who cares lol. I personally dont even classify the wii in the same catagory as the 360 let alone the ps3...

timmyrulz3831d ago

Ok the ps3 is setting the same pace as the ps2, but so is the xbox 360 and the wii is out pacing it so does that mean were going to have over 400 million consoles sold this Gen?....................

resistance1003831d ago

We are going to have alot thats for sure, far more than previous gen. People say that the wii has stolen the Ps2 crowd, however i disagree, the vast majority of Wii owners i suspect never brought a console before.

Either way i suspect both the Wii and Ps3 will top 100million this gen, with the 360 not far behind the Ps3

rawg3831d ago

PS2 sold to a smaller addressable market, add in the casual market, bluray buyers and new geographies (eastern europe, india, south america, china?) and it could be possible.

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