NPD's latest software tie ratios for consoles

Joystiq writes: "With Nintendo announcing its global software tie ratio (attach rate) this morning, we were curious to know what the current software sales ratio was in the States for current-gen consoles. We contacted NPD, which gave us its latest figures. The data represents the amount of software sold per console divided by the number of consoles sold in the US."

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Captain Tuttle3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

And developers. The ratio for the PS3 finally made it over 4

ruibing3829d ago

It would probably jump higher if Sony would introduce the greatest hits selection here in the states so the software prices would drop a bit. Most quality titles, including a bunch of launch titles, for the PS3 are usually still at full retail price.

SUP3R3829d ago

Don't be surprised if you hear about the Greatest Hits line at the press conference on the 6th.

ruibing3829d ago

What conference?

Template3829d ago

* Xbox 360: software sales ratio: 7.5 / 2.5 years = 3 ratio
* Wii: software sales ratio: 5.3 / 1.5 years = 3.5 ratio
* PS3: software sales ratio: 4.6 / 1.5 years = 3 ratio

All consoles selling games at roughly the same rate with the Wii showing a bit higher due to the huge number of bundled sales for the system.

theKiller3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

"Xbox 360: software sales ratio: 7.5"

can someone explain to me what is this ratio period? is it for last month or one year or how many software sold or what exactly??

thanks in advance


thanks i didnt see what u wrote, bubbles for the nice info!

ReBurn3828d ago

Except for the fact that what Template did isn't representative of what is really happening. In 2006 the 360 had an attach rate of 5.3.

Now it is 7.5, which proves that the 360 is still moving a ton more software than the other competitors in the market. Sorry Template.

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Night4ll3829d ago

The attach rate ratio for Wii went from 3.4 to 5.3. I think that is a very impressive increase. PS3 has also improved... 360 is still the master in terms of software sales... This generation seems like it will be the best one yet...

ItsDubC3829d ago

No comments from the ppl who believe that the Wii doesn't sell software because of its "casual" audience? Like clockwork...

Anyway, glad to see all attach rates in a healthy range, especially the PSP's. I admit that I assumed the PSP's attach rate to be fairly low considering that pirating PSP games is fairly common, so this is good news.

Britjadg3829d ago

good news all round.

great news for any potential Sony developers.

PS360WII3829d ago

Wow yeah those are very different attach rates then people have been claiming

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