GameFAQS freelance shows off GTA IV on YouTube

A freelance journalist working for GameFAQS has uploaded a video of himself opening his PS3 copy of GTA IV. He then holds a hand written piece of paper saying who he is.

Take a look. Hands up who thinks he's out of a job by Monday.

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resistance1003828d ago

'This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Take 2 Games'

dsolomon8183828d ago of someone opening their own property is a copyright infringment??? wtf

dsolomon8183827d ago

So why would someone diagree that the video being pulled for copyright infringment is rediculous.. sure R* may not want it there, but they're not showing gameplay, which i still don' think s wrong, but i'd understand. it's a freaking unboxing.

likeaboss3023828d ago

Take Two is going a little overboard now. I guess the Pirates pushed them over the edge. They are going after everyone! :)

LONEWOLF2313828d ago

Yeah fudging Pirates have take 2 on edge!

They are taking out every vid out there that starts with GTA GAMEPLAY on it!

3828d ago
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