GTA IV PS3 boasts Sixaxis options

DarkZero writes: "The Sixaxis will be used in the obvious way to drive the vehicles, fly the helicopters and steer the boats in the game...

... the Sixaxis is also used to reload your weapons, commenting that you can reload by simply giving the pad a quick flip upwards."

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Buubar3854d ago

This sounds pretty cool.

Capt CHAOS3854d ago

reload. And it does give you that extra button.

Genesis53854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Yeah I like the Sixaxis it was good in Heavenly Sword and Ratchet & Clank. I have to admitt I never played any of the GTA games. But it looks like I'm going to start. This game just sounds to good.

HighDefinition3854d ago

Things like that, just make it a extra button. MGS4 to w/ changing you suit, just makes it a extra button. To me, thats the trick to devs utilizing the Sixaxis, keep it simple.

BeaArthur3854d ago

At the same time though that could get annoying if it is too sensitive and reloads when you don't want it to. Or if the Dual Shock 3 vibrates too much and your gun reloads. Although I do agree with you though, I would like to start seeing it utilized in more idealistic ways. A lot of times I feel like it is thrown into a game without a lot of thought as to how to utilize it best.

HighDefinition3854d ago

Only a few games have focused on it, and succeeded.


No need to explain, I absolutly love that game/what ever it is.

-Heavenly Sword

Kai`s arrows worked really well for me, some people had problems. But personally, I loved it.

Sixaxis is great when used correctly. But should NEVER EVER be forced upon a game.

BeaArthur3854d ago

I couldn't agree with you more, when used correctly the Sixaxis funtionality is phenomenal, but games like Ratchet and Clank (as great as it was) has poor Sixaxis features. The tornado gun never worked right and unlocking doors was frustrating. I feel that if you have a way to implement it that makes it fun to use then go ahead and do it, but if you are just adding it in because you can, make it an optional feature. I mean I never played Layer but I heard that was a complete disaster.

gonzopia3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

I agree. Though, I have to admit I did like the Sixaxis use in Lair. Despite what everyone else seems to feel, I thought it worked (mostly) pretty well in that game. On the other hand, I also feel like there should be the option to turn it on and off (like in Warhawk) so that you can use traditional controls if you want to.

NO_PUDding3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Shaking it is great. I wish Resiatnce used it more when you shake those lower level Chimera off. I loved that.And RB6 used it well with the optic fibre.I heard folklore used it well too.

Shaking it should be a used for toggling, when an extra button is needed.

This sounds awesome though. It also slightly emulates the lifting of the gun to reload. But Driving controls, won't be good. Helicopter it will suit perfectly, I used a control on the PC, that had the same functionality 2 years ago, and I was so proficient with helicopter flying in it. Sixaxis will make it great.

HighDefinition3854d ago

who has reply`d.

All very good examples of the Sixaxix uses.

Lair, was good, for flying but that`s all it should have been used for. IMO.

harrisk9543854d ago

You forgot R&C:ToD.... I really liked the way the Sixaxis was implemented in that game, too!

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Fishy Fingers3854d ago

Wont be using it for driving, thats for sure. But the reload feature ill give a whirl, should be quite useful.

As long as Sixaxis is an option and not forced on the player, it just makes for another great little gimmick.

Drekken3854d ago

Very cool reloading with it. That featue was in AoT and I loved it. Kinda felt goofy flicking the controller in vegas2 by habit though! lol

CViper3854d ago

If I was sony, I'd advertise this with GTAIV for the Casuals. Everyone loves the motion crap, and I dont think most people know the PS3 has motion titles.

Pornlord3854d ago

I've gotten used to reloading like that due to having the option in Army of Two. It actually is starting to make shooters better in my opinion, when you need the reload, just flick the controller back at you, makes you feel a little more like your there, kinda like rumble, subtle, but helps the experience overall. Not as crucial as rumble of course :)

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