Virtua Tennis 3 supports SIXAXIS tilt-sensor

then the SIXAXIS on last E3 became had announced to many people doubts concerning these controller. The functionfunction function won't one gimmick which is used nauwlijks, only become? Meanwhile the list of games is which exploits Sixaxis-functies always larger becomes.

Also Sega's Virtua tennis 3 will support the functionfunction function, thus it has been zojuist confessed made in a press bulletin. You can the player now direct with the controller bwewegen. This means: Want that your tennis champion runs to left, then tilt you the controller to left. You want that you tennis champion runs to Right then tilt you the controller to Right etc. More easily isn't haste possible, nevertheless?

Wrongly, you can use you controller also as a heus tennis racket! If you move the controller rapidly omhoog you make a ' lob shot '. If you move the controller rapidly omlaag you make ' Slice shot ' and if you move the controller rapidly horizontally you make a ' top spider '.

Do play tennis you with your hands, not with you cross one's fingers and this tries bring Sega therefore by directly to the living room. The buds and anologe sticks are in Virtua tennis completely superfluous 3, all movements make you by means of the SIXAXIS.

*note: Translated by babelfish, some words might be incorrect translated or cause weird senteces

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