Rumors Abound That Apple Could Possibly Buy Nintendo

UK website, is reporting that rumors are circulating around the web that computer and iPod giant Apple could be in the market for something very, very different -- a video game company. And, it's not just any video game company, but hardware and software giant Nintendo.

While light on actual facts or any other relevant evidence, the article does point out what others have already known for quite some time -- both companies similar business models and the striking similarities between both companies product aesthetics. It also goes on to report that Apple could potentially have the cash to make such a purchase, although some debt would be incurred.

Apple attempted to make a foray in to gaming back in 1995, when they introduced the Bandai Pippin, which was unfortunately not named for Chicago Bulls superstar Scottie Pippen. Unfortunatley, it could have used some of Scottie's star power. Featuring a woefully underpowered processor and a "light" version of Mac OS 7, the Pippin quickly became overwhelmed by the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Sega Saturn.

If all the rumors are true, this could mark the beginning of a true revolution (no pun intended) in gaming. But like all rumors, be sure to take this one with a grain of salt.

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DG6196d ago

This would prove to be interesting if it turns out to be true. Since both companies focus on innovation just to grab a margin of the markets and Apple making probobly the most powerfull consumer PCs on the market it would be interesting to see what they would come up with for the next-next generation.

mikeeno76196d ago

you seriously even thinking that this is true. Never. Never. Never in a millenium will this happen. They may become inter-dependant partners, and chat and have a nice cup of tea, but never will this happen. Mark my and Microsoft are more similar in design of their products, computer programming, financial wealth and share ideas on power hungry electronics...Ninty don't like this, they're all about party consoles...

Shin_Akakage6196d ago

Microsoft would buy Nintendo before anyone else..if they were for sell, because then Msoft would instantly have a STRONG japanese fanbase as well as deal a significant blow to Sony at the same time. I'm not buying this rumor (pun intended).

USMChardcharger6196d ago

besides that he is right...nintendo is sitting on a chance to make a lot of money...why would they sell?