Games industry confident GTA IV won't be sold early

MCV: Concerns that some retailers may sell copies of Grand Theft Auto IV early so far appear ill-founded as the industry gears up for its April 29th launch.

Rockstar's much-hyped car-jacking sequel has already shipped to retailers worldwide, but there's currently no sign that copies have been sold ahead of time.

"We've not seen any indication of the street date breaking at our end," said ChartTrack's Chris Poole. "Things are looking good for April 29th."

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BeaArthur3829d ago

It has been made very clear that retailers are not supposed to sell the game early. There may have been some initial early sales but I doubt you will see any reports about any people getting it early; at least in the U.S. anyways.

resistance1003829d ago

My local game got there shipment in today, but they wouldn't let me have my copy early =(

Buubar3829d ago

Lmao, loads of people have already got this game from shops like ASDA.

CViper3829d ago

Doesn't that make 'we aren't selling early' moot?

BeaArthur3829d ago

Not at all, I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong) that their is some skepticism that the pirated version isn't the entire game. Also I have heard that the pirated versions have floating cars and other glitches. Personally I would rather wait a few days and get a copy that is correct.

JVC063829d ago

i hope it doesnt get sold early, my shop are havin a midnight launch on monday and i cant wait, always a good buzz around when we have a midnight launch, halo 3 was massive and this is set to blow that away in terms of ppl showing up on the night.
Theres lots of small independant retailers who dont play by the rules and theyre bound to start selling it this weekend which will be a big shame.

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The story is too old to be commented.