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Sony hasn't had a good year. The market leader has spent nearly twelve months watching Microsoft build a six million unit lead in the next-gen marketplace, while the embryonic PlayStation 3 has been dogged at every turn by delays and setbacks. Hostility has grown among both hardcore gamers and among the gaming press, a backlash of epic proportions against the company which has ruled the games industry for a full decade, fuelled by the remarkably high price of the console, the decision to drop rumble from the pad, the adoption of contentious Blu-Ray technology and the subsequent launch shortages, culminating in a hugely embarrassing delay into 2007 for the European launch.

None of this has been helped in the slightest by the arrogance of public statements from the father of PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi, or the head of SCEA, Kaz Hirai - who have turned into a double act whose pronouncements almost seem deliberately calculated to turn consumers against Sony and its products. However, in recent weeks, the tide has been turning for Sony, albeit slowly. Perhaps it's simply fatigue among the company's loudest detractors; more likely, it's the fact that since TGS, Sony has been much more focused on giving people hands-on time with the console and its software. The promise of PS3 is finally being delivered upon, at least to some extent, and it's natural that criticism will die down and the focus will shift from hardware to software as the launch draws near.

That isn't to say, though, that Sony is out of the woods yet - and the company is still entirely capable of dropping the ball in very dramatic ways. Perhaps the single most worrying factor remaining in the firm's plans for PS3 is its online service; this is an area where the company's previous efforts have been weak, to say the very least, and where Microsoft has built up five years of valuable experience and a massive degree of mind-share.

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InMyOpinion4457d ago

Sony's online support looks like a bad joke compared to Xbox live. And it won't be free, there will be some catch. Maintaining servers is'nt free you know, and with Sony's f***-the-customer policy it will be interesting finding out what the catch will be.

NewZealander4457d ago

I heard tha tgran turismo hd comes out as only haflf a game, and in order for u to enjoy the full game u hav to download the other half in cars, tracks etc, so I guess the hd stands for half done, this is where u will be paying for their online support in half shiped games, and haveing to pay for the rest in down loads.what about ppl who buys ps3 games like this and dont hav boardband?

Bebedora4457d ago

Hey. Did any of you get the full version of Oblivion to the xbox360? Those buying the PS3 version will have it at least more complete.

So there's your micropayment argument going, going, gone.
For the ones with the XBOX360 version along the $50 subscription fee it's not fair ey?

What I am saying is, this is not a Sony invention, it is already happening on every console with a internet connection.

death monk4457d ago

While I can see your point with Oblivion, at the same time that Oblivion content is a new expansion. It is good that they are putting it in the PS3 version but I see this stuff being added to a GOTY edition on the 360 eventually. This happened with Morrowind on Xbox. GT HD is a remake of a game. It should include all content.

Bebedora4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

Well, I think it will. The rumor it wont have anything at all is really just that: rumors. GT will have downloadable content, sure. And you will pay for it, but I've heard another rumor, it will definitely use the BD-space so it wont be small and tiny content-wise. So let the game get out before complaining/commenting it too much.

[edit] Oblivion expansion should be downloaded from the XBLive if so too. So MS is not giving you this for free. Your argument there may be right in most cases, but not in this one. And yes, oblivion is not a good micropayment comparision to GTHD I agree there.

marionz4457d ago

i think newzealander was trying to say GT-HD should be released as a full game with DL content at a later date, just as oblivion was released as a whole game on 360 but alot of content has come out to add to the game, and the first full expansion pack is still coming, GT-HD is clearly riping people off, bring on forza 2!

calderra4457d ago

There's a big difference between Oblivion getting expansions later that don't actually affect core gameplay except to make it even more massive, and Gran Turismo HD, which will apparently only come with ~30 cars and 2 tracks. That's not even a real game.

lalaland4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

GT:HD is not a fullprice game (unlike Oblivion).

It is a teaser of the real game including 30 cars and 2 tracks, with the possibility of expansion for a total of 60 cars and 4 tracks in Premium mode, and ~700 cars ~50 tracks in the old GT4 mode. You don't need to buy it, if you don't want to.

Oblivion will have micropayment upgrades on both the PS3 and X360 -- however the boxed PS3 version will contain extra material not available as standard in the boxed X360 or PC editions.

X360 fans complaining about half games released on the PS3 should only look so far as the Lumines Live controversy on X360...

power of Green 4457d ago

Is "designed" to make hundreds of dollars off each owner. lol So what if they(MS) come out with new content later down the road for the 360, the games are not going to rip you off for nearly a grand. Oblivion is a full game with extra bonus content, and what that means is they're making new content all the time as an option/bonus/. GTHD is a shell of a game designed to make tons of cash. Major Nelson said MS is confronting the greedy Dev's, who will do the same for Sony.

4me24457d ago

The game ver with downloadable content, will cost $7.99 on disk (that's what I heard) .
59.99-7.99 = $52.
$52 left to buy cars and tracks if you want to.

CyberSentinel4457d ago

At the time of release, that content WASNT available. Of course it should be included now.
360 gamers have already played THAT game for a YEAR now.

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Ravenator5294457d ago

Oh well.

I have to say that as a long time PS2 online player, XBox Live is leaps and bounds beyond anything that Sony has with their online system so far.

I guess you get what you pay for.

Boink4457d ago

sony just seems to have ignored the consumer. ps2 fans said they wanted this when they saw live, so sony had 4-5 years to get it ready, and yet it is not.

Funky Town_TX4457d ago

They are a RD company. New ideas should come up with new generations not just new hardware. INNOVATION is the word. I hope they get it unified though.

PS360WII4457d ago

sure this game has the buddy list thing going wrong for it, but it could get better.
As far as payment and all that. Seems that Sony is just doing opposite of Live. On Live you pay for the multiplayer and get the downloads free. Where as on Sony you get the multiplayer free and you pay for the downloads. Live shows that people are intrested in downloads so Sony is going to try and get the money from there and let people enjoy free multiplayer.

lalaland4457d ago

The pricing policy of Sony's network platform and XBL are very similar, except the equivalent of Gold membership for XBL is free on Sony's platform. Both charge $15 or less for content.

In all likelyhood demos, movietrailers and the like will be free on Sony's network platform. Although prices were yet to be decided at Sony's demonstration of the platform, the store had FREE labels on all demo content on that occasion according to reports.

Nothing reported so far suggests content bought online on the PS3 will be more expensive than the equivalent content on XBL.

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