The Motley Fool Lives Up To It's Name With Recent Wii U Commentary

Iran White writes:

It was recently suggested that Nintendo’s Wii U could be forced off of the market by next year recently on a website where many people turn to regularly for opinions on stocks to buy or ditch. Taking a look at what they had to say makes one wonder if they are truly fools themselves, or if they are attempting to manipulate fools.

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Activemessiah2780d ago

"Nintendo can afford to lose even absurd amounts, such as $100 Million a year for 100 straight years before they go in the red."


kneon2780d ago

$100 Million x 100 years = $10 Billion = Nintendo's cash hoard

Goku7812780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

"Even though no one takes Elephant Parade seriously, at least they have soul" Maybe one day they will change to a winning formula that everyone likes.

emu-key2780d ago

Really?? Are these people retarded or just have short term memories?

PS3 sold like crap during its first years, Sony didn't discontinue it, now look at it, a great console with well made games.

3DS sold like crap, Nintendo didn't discontinue it, and now it's basically dominating the gaming industry.

Have we learned nothing??

just-joe2780d ago

People like to doomsay.

Hicken2779d ago

PS3 didn't actually sell poorly in its first years, though.

ritsuka6662780d ago

Motley Foolishness...SHM,this is a joke article.

justSumDood2780d ago

I never thought id see the motley fool being cited on n4g.

They actually have a decent track record and their strategies have found at least some measure of success but, by no means should their word be taken as gospel.

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The story is too old to be commented.