The Last Of Us, Call of Juarez, STALKER: Clear Sky & Counter-Strike Recreated In CryEngine 3

DSOGaming writes: "It seems that CRYENGINE fans are currently working on recreating Naught Dogs' latest title, The Last Of Us, in Crytek's engine; a concept that has us excited. Before jumping to early conclusions, this does not mean that we'll get a TLOS game powered by CRYENGINE. Yes, it sucks, we know. Still, it will give us an idea of what TLOS would look like in CRYENGINE."

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ABeastNamedTariq2941d ago

Ellie looks kinda weird to me (the recreation).

xPhearR3dx2941d ago

Agreed. But that detail looks amazing. Had TLOU been on PC, this is probably close to what it would look like. Aside from the weird looking face. What I'd give to play TLOU on PC with 60FPS and graphics like that. It already looked stunning on PS3. Couldn't imagine playing it on PC, or even PS4.

Conzul2940d ago

PS4 please take my money now.

nveenio2940d ago

The PS3 version was already pretty great. I don't see the need to use CryEngine for everything. It is far from the perfect engine.

itBourne2940d ago

This is not what TLOU would have been on PC. ND already develop their models at a much much higher quality then actually makes it into the ps3 game. Plus ND have a stylized look, they are not going for straight realism. Which I find awesome, it gives their games personality. I will agree tho, it would look breathtaking on pc.

iamnsuperman2941d ago

I agree she looks a bit too washed out and anorexic (the face doesn't really fit with her neck)

HammadTheBeast2941d ago

The face is also that of a fully grown woman than a teenager.

Heisenburger2940d ago

Ellie if she gets hooked on crystal meth. Lol

andrewsqual2940d ago

Because the geniuses at ND were not involved with her manually animated facial expressions.
They should do a ancient Roman times tech demo, that would be great or make a game of that topic with this engine.

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ATiElite2941d ago

I have Played STALKER on it's original X-ray Engine and with High Texture mods.

I have played STALKER on the Arma 2 Virtual Reality Engine 2

I have even played Stalker on the CryEngine

But I have to admit Stalker on the CryEngien 3 looks pretty darn good.

Irishguy952941d ago

Best post apocalyptic game imo. Really outdone every other dev with the atmosphere

Pintheshadows2941d ago

I don't think the colour palette is bleak enough on Cryengine 3. I'd rather just play the original version with all the graphical enhancements. There is something so creepy about how it looks in places.

ATiElite2940d ago

CryEngine 3 looks very nice but i have to agree with you X-Ray engine with Complete mod is REALLY dirty and creepy.

HammadTheBeast2941d ago

Isn't Stalker 4 coming out in a while?

Rivitur2940d ago

No GSC broke up and the team went their separate ways so no plans for S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 (not 4 as those aren't proper sequels) though they did release some early concept art last year for it.

DeadlyFire2940d ago

There is Survarium by Vostek Games. Its basically most of the STALKER team working on a STALKER themed MMO game. So its your best bet for the STALKER game feel in the future at the moment.

TheRealTedCruz2940d ago

If only . . .
Favorite game series.

Godhimself_In_3d2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

When is the cryengine gonna but used to make a good game. I just haven't seen one yet. The graphics engine is nice but that's all. Just saying.

Rivitur2940d ago

Well timesplitters hopefully but I doubt it's going to to use the full potential of the engine.

kingduqc2940d ago

Okay, because games released on the engine are not at your licking the engine is shit?

Go watch star citizen, that's something to get excited for far more then the copy pasta called 'next gen' titles.

DeadlyFire2940d ago

Well they have a few games, but their grasp hasn't expanded to far just yet.

For 2013-2014 they have CE 4 for Ryse, Homefront 2, Star Citizen, and a couple of Bethesda titles. First big publisher to grab interest in their engine really since the first CE.

CE3.0 titles are coming as well. Enemy Front, Archage, State of Decay, Evolve, Shadows of the Eternals, and a few others.

imt5582941d ago

Original Ellie looks better to me.

MidnytRain2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Obviously. If ND had a hold of this engine it'd make the original's visuals look dated.

A lot of people here seem to be commenting on the accuracy of Ellie's model, and not the graphical fidelity, which is confusing.

Funantic12941d ago

Ryse will look great with Cryengine 3. Can't wait.

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