GTA 4 Gameplay

A 2 minute long, high quality video showing the superb graphics of GTA4.


The video was deleted by someone other than myself. I have added another video onto the linked page. I am sorry about this. Please continue onto the link.

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GameClearer3832d ago

@ evilbrat get a life sado
@ video not quite high quality not quite superb

me_p3832d ago

what the heck is this guy doing?

Yi-Long3832d ago

...not as HQ as I hoped, plus resolution seems wrong, plus it looks pretty jaggy...

nevelo073832d ago

you do realize custom tracks is pointless since everytime you stop and get out the car you gotta go to the dashboard and pause and repeat everytime you get in and out the car and you might miss some of the games background music due to the game being tied tio the custom tracks, i was gone get the 360 version cause the custom tracks but a friend of mine whos a manager at gamestop got a copy and confirmed it for me last night.

hey hey hey3832d ago

lies i played gta this morning on the 360 and it had custom soundtracks

Slayer OP3832d ago

Its like a coke habit! I...juat...cant..stop!

hey hey hey3832d ago

nope i played it this morning and the 360 version has customsoundtracks the realquestion is why come on tis thread and lie.

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The story is too old to be commented.