New Nintendo Wii Fit peripherals from Mad Catz

New Nintendo Wii Fit peripherals from Mad Catz - rechargers, mat covers and more.

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Calcio3855d ago

Peripherals for yoga freaks. Bet they sell like hotcakes (or should that be ryegrass?).

Calcio3855d ago

I probably do.

zoydwheeler3855d ago

Why do people eat that crap? Most of them look rather ill (see, for a fine example of this, Dr Gillian McKeith

BeaArthur3855d ago

Am I the only one that just wishes Mad Catz would go out of business? There stuff is garbage, it doesn't matter if it's a controller or a console stand, all their stuff is so poorly constructed.

sumfood4u3855d ago

I support any game system doing something positive about peoples health! Hand down they get my Applause!

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