Retailers Not Willing to Match PlayStation 4 ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ from Target

Joel Taveras writes, "I was wondering if competing retailers would match this deal. I made some calls to Gamestop, Toy”R”Us, Best Buy, and FYE to see if there was a way for those retailers (with their price match policies) to participate in the promo and the answer was ‘no’ accross the board."

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GarrusVakarian2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

There's still hope for Amazon.

Zuperman2458d ago

Walmart said they would if you bring the ad.

ABizzel12458d ago


Wal-Mart usually doesn't match B2G1 sales, Percent off sales (ex: 30% off), or buy an item get a gift card sales.

But if you can get it do it.

barb_wire2458d ago

@ Lukas..

Asda is owned by Walmart. Don't think they'll match a US retail ad though.

aceitman2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

nope I brought the ad in to walmart and the lady said only price matches not promotions as buy2g1free. she showed me there rules.

xHeavYx2458d ago

Didn't Amazon say they would have the same deal starting tomorrow? Not sure which region though

lilbrat232458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

I called my Walmart they won't do it only B1G1. :-/

Aceman182458d ago

i just came from target and the only PS4 game they had was CoD Ghosts :(

imma go back on tuesday to see if they have the other releases so i can get the deal.

hopefully they have NFS, not sure what else and get Ghosts for free as i don't want to spend cash on it.

v6volume2458d ago

My Walmart will match it. They'll just charge $40 per game

mikeslemonade2458d ago

Amazon essentially has the buy 2 and get 1 free if you pre-ordered one PS3 game previously. The preorder unlocks a code where you can buy one game and get one free.

Anyway it's better than nothing but I wasn't planning on buying more than one game. I'm probably getting KZ and BF, and then selling COD Ghosts for $40.

Elwenil2458d ago

Amazon is matching it here in the US, at least with PS4 games:

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JoGam2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Damn, I'm broke. All my money is tied up in the PS4 that AMAZON still didn't charge my debit card for. I get paid Friday so hopefully I can grab some good games then.

Lwhit62458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

You'll get charged on the 13th (if you selected two day shipping) or the 14th (if you selected one day shipping). Just something to think about.

aceitman2458d ago

I spoke to amazon she said they been getting a lot of calls and she thinks there may be hope.

lilbrat232458d ago

Amazon won't charge you until the unit ships.

GBELKIN12458d ago

Amazon doesn't charge your card until the item ships. When you see shipping soon your card get charged for the purchase.

mikeslemonade2458d ago

HAHA i wonder how many people don't actually have enough money when they pre-ordered for the PS4 or the Xbox one for that matter..

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xPhearR3dx2458d ago

No they won't. That rep was wrong and a follow up story confirmed they wont be matching it.

jmac532458d ago

I'm thinking Amazon will probably do something like this but nearer to Black Friday. Hopefully they do it for launch.

GarrusVakarian2458d ago

Well i have until the 29th to wait for Amazon to do something similar, not looking likely though.

prodg522458d ago

Just got an email from Amazon today and they're matching the BTGO offer. I preordered killzone and it's already been shipped, but they still allowed me to preorder another game and get one free.

lsujester2458d ago

Yeah, it's all over their website now. Officially starts Tuesday morning.

Oschino19072458d ago

Amazon sent me an email a few min ago. If anyone has two games pre-ordered they let you pick another for free!

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level 3602458d ago

After that ad and this article, for sure Target will be inundated with a lot of on-line and over-the-phone orders.

aceitman2458d ago

target online only has 1 ps4 game for the buy 2get1free and that's not available and that will be the only ps4 game. sucks ass they said it is mainly in store only with the rest.

BoriboyShoGUN2458d ago

I'm surprised by Best buy usually they're pretty good about price matching.

Stringerbell2458d ago

Not in my case. Best Buy in my experience has always tried to get out of a price match. One time they didnt want to PM because the game was sold out online, even though it was still available in stores and the store I was price matching was literally across the street (I had a gift card to burn).

Lwhit62458d ago

Wait, what's a Target?

Campy da Camper2458d ago

retail box store in the USA. Sells clothes, electronics, home furnishings etc.

Lwhit62458d ago

Hahahaha I was kidding. Just saying that because the only people I know who shop there are moms.

osamede12458d ago

you sound like a kid.....

Trypticon2458d ago

Just asked Amazon if they're willing to match it and they said they can't. Bummer. Might just have to cancel with Amazon and try my luck at picking it up at a Target.