Metal Gear Online: Impressions and Videos

Jon Zungre of Ripten writes:

"What's cooler than the cryogenic freezing chamber they're going to put Stan Lee in after he dies? Stumbling upon the Konami booth and seeing that the NYC Comic Con gets the US premier of Metal Gear Online. That's what!"

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znu3827d ago

it's mgo, what do you expect
this is the type of game iv dreamed of, where u actually have to work as a team, sneaking around and using single player elements online

i wanna know whether u are automatically drawn in by the mag or what, if yes then it will be annoying, in ctf or such, on ur way to the fla-ooooo look at that(SNAKE, what are you doing, don't forget you mission, snake)...BANG HEADSHOT
(SNake , Snaaaaaaaaakkkkeee, you created a time paradox!)

or if not, i wouldn't stop to look in the heat of battle or just randomly cause ur gonna get killed and i bet no one is gonna be lying in the middle of the map in an intense battle sitting there reading a mag

kwicksandz3827d ago

Unless your in clan V clan battles there is no random teamwork in any online game in the history of online gaming!

znu3827d ago

just played it and ur right
pretty much no team work
that game is decent, not amazing not bad
the only problem is the aiming system(inaccuracy) and the damage system

sumfood4u3827d ago

Last MG~online was real fun an very creative! PS3 has as much Creativity, as brilliant person Mind!

Defectiv3_Detectiv33827d ago

This game looks sick. The rest of the titles coming out this year certainly have their work cut out for them if they hope to compete w/ MGS4.

Finally, PS3 fans have a true killer app. Not to say that games like Motorstorm or Resistance aren't spectacular in their own right but this is the first game that delivers on all fronts(graphics, gameplay, online, etc.)

I thought the music was also a nice touch, not something you see to often in online.

perseus3827d ago

I know you can go into first person when aiming, but is it possible when just walking?

I'm sure it'll get easier to play after a few more tries, but my first 8minutes and 52 seconds kinda sucked.

Though I did have 8 seconds of cardboard box use, and that was awesome.