29 Action RPGs For Diablo Fans

If you are a Diablo fan looking for your next Action role playing experience you'll find our list of 29 action RPGs has something for everyone.

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ZodTheRipper2817d ago

Just started Path Of Exile yesterday, for a Free-To-Play game it's incredible! Everyone who liked Diablo 2 should try it out.

sammyspam2817d ago

Definitely! It captures Diablo 2 so perfectly. I loved this article since its got a good mix of games like Diablo, D2 and D3 so plenty of options.

Drummerdude412816d ago

Fun fact, Brother-LAz the guy who made median mod is the guy behind the weapons in path of exile!

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Relientk772816d ago

There's a game called Nox for PC, In my opinion it's the best Diablo clone out there and I play it pretty often.

sammyspam2815d ago

I'm also a huge Nox fan and was glad it made it onto the list! :)

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