TeamXbox: GRID Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "The old adage, "if you can't beat them, join them" is more common in the world of video gaming than some may realize. Deep-pocketed developers are normally the ones being joined or causing the competition to fold altogether, as it literally costs millions to compete in some of the more high-profile genres out there in the HD realm. Take the racing genre for example. Microsoft's Turn 10, MS-published Bizarre and Electronic Arts' studios pretty much own racing outright on the Xbox 360. It didn't used to be this way, however. For awhile there, the "tuner" section of racing games had myriad entries; now, only a few brave competitors are still floating in the water. Make no mistake about it, the sharks smell the chum that has been left in the water.

The near-non-existence of racing game competition for the big boys makes it much easier for us to root for the underdogs. Companies like Bugbear that take the Burnout series head-on should be applauded; economic theories prove that competition is what makes better products for us all. And it's impossible to have a discussion about racing game underdogs (at least in the U.S.) without mentioning U.K.'s Codemasters."

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