Kotaku: Meet The Guy Who Got The Xbox One Early

Before Monday, André Weingarten figured he was out of luck. A devoted Xbox user from day one—he replaced two red-ringed 360s—Weingarten didn't have a preorder down for the newest console. Then, lo and behold, Target had them in stock online. And then, incredibly, Weingarten had an Xbox One on his doorstep four days later...

Bigpappy3611d ago

Target you S.O.B's. Why him? I guess I never pre-ordered anything from you, but you got some good advertising from this.

Now lets say I pre-order a PS4 from you tonight, can you make a similar mistake? Just to keep things balanced, know what ah mean.

NukaCola3611d ago

I tried to preorder a PS4 from the style and they didn't do those. They on it did day one first come first serve. Oh well. Had to go somewhere else.

mikeslemonade3611d ago

Pics or it didn't happen!

The guy doesn't exist. Microsoft staged the whole thing!

shivvy243611d ago

its funny cause his the first guy to get banned on the X1 and on the next gen consoles

Mr Pumblechook3611d ago

I think it's very wrong of Microsoft to block the un boxing video claiming copyright. For the videos that displayed ui I get, but what copyright do they have over the box?!

tweet753611d ago

naughty target should not be allowed to carry xbox product anymore

Pascalini3611d ago

This has been great advertising for xbox, target and this twitter guy.

christocolus3611d ago

great job ms...this guy is now a celeb...damn..next time i use target.

TocaCannaBowl3611d ago

Does he really deserve all of this attention ? I mean come on.

xPhearR3dx3611d ago

Well he did get a next-gen system 2 weeks before launch and revealed a lot of information and screens MS has failed to do over the past 6 months.

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