Xbox Division Scores Profit

"Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division posted a healthy quarterly rise on Thursday thanks to strong Xbox 360 console sales, as the games business turned a profit for the third straight quarter."

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Capt CHAOS3853d ago

This means they are here to stay and for the future, we can expect healthy competition to give us a better deal on consoles... Good.

Dareaver13853d ago

i thoroughly enjoy my 360, and had no doubt that they were here to stay...

Game on people, especially after the 29th.....!

kevoncox3853d ago

Imagine how much of the 360's gains are offset by the debacle that is the zune player. Everyoen thinks Ms needs to sell the most 360s to be profitable. That's not true. MS is going to continue to gain about 100.00 on ever 360 sold until sony can afford to lower their price more.

Citizen Cook3853d ago

You're making even more money!
And the PS3rd STILL isn't proffitable!


Boink3853d ago

if they could finally solve their reliability issues, they could enjoy greater success.

hopefully the new 360's have solved that issue, and I guess we'll see as people play GTA IV for hours and hours straight.

warhawk12343853d ago

So true same with the online factor because my private chat does not work since december.

dan-boy3853d ago

have you checked your NAT settings bud, controller/controlerb settings headset?...sounds like the problem lies at your end mate. every person i know who have had simialar problems, has been able to fix it themselves.

man, it just shows you how many pro-sony boys populate this site! if this had been a thread saying the same thing about the ps3, this would already be over 100 comments!

KingME3853d ago

Great observation. It also shows their unwillingness, to give credit when due. If it's to be given to the 360.

warhawk12343853d ago

I'll do that when i get online today, but if it still doesn't work then its there end right. Really my system won't connect to private chat. I have opened up all ports to go to the xbox on my rotator.

I like to play my 360 and talk to my cousin on private chat while I play single player parts of games be cause we work on them to together through private chat.

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