PlayStation 3 Kiosks Hits Toys "R" Us In NYC

Destructoid's Robert Summa, surely en route to scope out Tickle Me Extreme Elmo's to shill on eBay this holiday season, got some footage and photo snaps of the freshly installed PlayStation 3 kiosk at the flagship Toys "R" Us in Times Square. The video shows that the kiosks are equipped with (at the very least) a Motorstorm demo, but not all are currently operational.

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12Volt4457d ago

I'm going right now!!!!! 2 blocks away baby!!! I love TSQ!

12Volt4456d ago

Everybody was having a great time around the kiosk. The PS3s in the glass were only shows, the real machines were tucked away.

I wasnt able to verify if they were using HDMI. For one there are video composites on the side of the TV, but thats typical, and its possible their using other composites behind the casing using the cable Sony supplies with the PS3.

My other idea is that HDMIs are expensive, but who knows Sony threw a Bravia in there so why not the HDMI...

In any case, people enjoyed Motorstorm and NBA07, NBA07 didnt look as great as I imagined.. the game needs alot of work in my opinion. Or... EA gets off its pig hide and actually starts.. you know.. making games, because this porting 'ish makes games look like 'ish.

Motorstorm was awesome.. Nobody could control the freaking thing with the Sixaxis. (The freaking thing was a DirtBike, alot more sensitive steering than the cars) Until I stepped to the plate and actually got through some laps with minimal airtime off cliffs.

Some of the kids there were frustrated with it however.. they like "I dont get this S#1t..." and walked away... I thought, with the wii and ps3 motion sensing players are going to need some patience to learn play... OR you can be a REAL freakin gamer like me and just pwn. ;P

12Volt4456d ago

The Sixaxis was light, NOT flimsy. It felt Solid but light... its strange, my brain has a hard time forgetting the feeling.

The R+L'2s were something to get used to, they were rubbery and extended. It felt like you were holding a rubber trigger that would break if you pressed too hard. I tried pressing it hard, and of course it didnt, it just feels that way. But you get used to it very fast.

Final notes, the thing is a beauty, it extremely sexy, the chrome trims shines brightly and the thing is BIG.

I salute those who are able to get one on launch.