12 great current gen games you didn’t play, handpicked by industry pros

GB - "This is part of our ongoing series about games and trends of one of the most longest-lived eras in gaming’s history — the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 generation."

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Tolkoto2818d ago

Have to admit I haven't played most of these.

TuxedoMoon2818d ago

The only game I've played on that list was DMC:dmc and that game was over-hyped imo. I wanted to play Deathsmiles, but it's only on 360, a console I refuse to buy due to the whole RROD and having to pay for online. I don't buy faulty systems.

Other than those and maybe The Darkness, those games simply don't appeal to me at all. Are they bad games? Doubt it, but those are games I'd never buy. Correction, I'll PLAY (try) any game, but I won't BUY just any game.

sdozzo2818d ago

Had to take that jab with RROD. And I'm a Sony guy, but I wouldn't even bring that knife to a gun fight.

TuxedoMoon2818d ago

I'm talking about when the 360 just came out, before the redesign slim version. I don't have that much money and seeing my friend's 360s die out made me not want it. I'm not going to pay $300+ for a system that has a high chance of dying.

Then there's having to pay for XBL. I'm cheap, so that's a huge NOPE! The games too didn't appeal to me either, aside from from Lost Odyssey? I like Japanese games and there weren't a lot of those on the 360.

Weighing the games too, the PS3 and Wii had more game's I wanted. Valkyria Chronicles, Metal Gear 4, FF 13VS and potential KH3, Mario Galaxy, and Smash bros Brawl all won me over to those systems. The PS3 also not being region locked really opened the import gates for me.

I did also spend a chunk on PC too. Mainly F2P MMOs and the few steam PC games I could find for cheap.

PoSTedUP2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

i really liked The Darkness, awesome concept imo. same with Clide (Clive?) Barkers Jerico and Time Shift, all three were underrated imo. pure was ok, still liked atv offroad fury and motorstorm a lot more.

would have Really loved to see a 4x4 Evo 3 this gen. if nintendo secures it as an exclusive again, i sware im buying a WiiU!

@tuxedo again: if you dont have a PSP still, thats the best platform for JRPGs imo, Its still very relevant if youre into handheld, and cheap now. the DS too. im still yet to get a 3DS, it has a lot of cool games.

Hicken2818d ago

Yeah, we had a nice collector's edition of DeathSmiles at my GameStop for a while. I contemplated getting it, but.. you know, Microsoft.

As something of a Witchblade fan, I wanted to play The Darkness games... just never did.

DmC... sorry, but no. It deviated too far from the DMC formula for me.

Bullet Witch is another 360 game I've wanted to get my hands on. Eventually, I guess. Eventually.

The rest either didn't interest me, or I never heard of them.

PoSTedUP2818d ago

david jaffe-"life of a pixel". haha thats my bro, keeping it old school!

urwifeminder2818d ago

Yep Battlestations was a innovative title never played anything like it one of the best games I have ever played both are great.

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The story is too old to be commented.