GameTap: Order Up! - A game that sounds made to order to budding chefs

GameTap writes: "Cooking shows have been blowing up on television, with games following in their wake. Cooking Mama set the table, and games based on Iron Chef and Hell's Kitchen are in the works, but of the latest batch of cooking games, Order Up from Zoo Games will be first entrée served.

Order Up hopes to turn the Wii Remote into a chef's best friend while at the same time capturing the chaos, creativity, and team interaction that's part of the everyday life in a restaurant kitchen. "The seed of Order Up is a love of cooking and the experiences of chefs," says Lee Cummings, creative director. 'Back in the '70s there was a group of weird personalities who then turned into the rock star celebrities of the '80s, which has since mutated into the media created Rachel Ray sort of situation. We wanted create something from the point of view of an executive chef running a team with all the frenzy, the frantic activity, and the multitasking that goes on in a professional kitchen.'"

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