Interview: David Amor - Still Buzzing - Talks about working with the PS3, the power of online play, and what's to come

Towards the end of 2005 a new quiz game was released for the PlayStation 2 from a small company based in Brighton that few people outside of the industry would have heard of. Buzz!: The Music Quiz shipped with special controllers, and most people that played it liked it, at least enough to put a few decent reviews out there.

The problem, however, was that as Christmas got closer, nobody was really buying the game, to the point where Sony execs discussed canceling plans for further titles in the series. But suddenly, sales picked up, and since then Relentless Software as a company hasn't looked back, recently named as one of the top-selling UK studios. recently spent some time with David Amor, co-founder of the company, to talk about the forthcoming PlayStation 3 Buzz! title and what it's like working on Sony's flagship console.

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titntin3881d ago

Nice bloke, Dave - I had the pleasure of working with him at Bullfrog.

No suprises he's happy with PS3 developement. Sony have been pretty good to relentless and they've made plenty of money with sony platforms in the past. Also the potential of conectivity through the PSN network is a god send for this type of gaming title!