GTAIV News: Aussies Battle For Top of GTAIV Leaderboard

XboxOZ360-Gamer reports how the early accidental release of Grand Theft Auto 4 has Australians battling for top of the Leaderboards. The site reports:

"With the unexpected "accidental" early release of GTAIV in several countries, many Aussie gamers are battling it out for top honours in their Leaderboards. All working seemingly non-stop to acquire the next achievement to take them one step higher up the ladder."

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Hydrolex3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

They have to ban these people !! seriously WTF ?

I'm thinking that Microsoft was the reason why GTA IV is leaked so it motivates other people to buy it and play it to be the # 1 as$hole in Xbox live. ahah

Wow Microsoft, enjoy stealing

gaminoz3827d ago

I don't think DVD-Crave have anything to do with Microsoft. They made a mistake and some people got lucky.

BrianC62343827d ago

Can't Rockstar just wipe out all leaderboard records on day one and make everyone start over? They should do it. And the guy who wrote that piece sure has issues. Seems really jealous of the US. Did Australia really get Halo 2 and 3 before everyone else? I just find that hard to believe unless this same company shipped those games out too early too.

XboxOZ3603827d ago

@ BrianC6234 . . No, certainly do not have "issues" with Americans . .as some of our staff writers and helpers are from the US and Canada . . .

And yes, if you do a little Date line checking, you'll find we did actually get Halo 2 Halo 3, BioShock, Gaeearts of War etc (most "world wide releases) before Europe and then Nth America follows along 'after' that once the sun rises over there . . See the sun doesn't rise and fall in the US, the day actually starts in the seas off the New Zealand coastline, then hits the NZ eastern shores, followed by Australia, then the rest of the globe, finally going off the western coast of Nth America at the end of the day some 22 hours later, as there's 2 more hours over the sea before the day begins allover again.

So when Worldwide releases occur, NZ is the 'First' country that can sell their stock, as it's 00;00.01am there first, then it follows across the globe from there on. We then get our chance at 1 min past midnight around 2 hours later on the 29th April, Same applied for Halo 2/3 and the other games mentioned that have had Wordlwide Releases.

It's not sour grapes or anything else, it's just interesting, that all stats that are put up in the media are based on a games official release time being from the US, not when the day actually begins some 20 odd hours beforehand, where the games often sell out in NZ, Aust, and Europe before they do in the US and Canada . . That's the oddity that I'm pointing at. Don't you find that just the little bit odd . . . tens of thousands of units have been sold well before the first item is sold in Nth America, but the stats don't show that . . .odd . .? certain it is.

Without our friends in the US and Eu, we wouldn't be doing the things we do, but some times, the way they do things does make one think they think that the world open and closes on their shores alone.

Sony sucks balls3827d ago

Why would you ban people for a stores mistake ? If you got your copy early would you wait until the 29th to play it ?

AzaziL3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

now that would be fair, I mean com'n, the game is literally sitting in boxes at almost every major retailer worldwide not to mention THIEVES are enjoying this game as we speak, just let us have it early this once!!!!!! We even had to wait an extra 6 months on top of all of that!!!

aw screw it, I'll just remember to get a mod chip next time, lesson learned.

XboxOZ3603827d ago

The reason for street dates is to help both large, medium and especially small bricks-and-morta stores have a fair and equal competitive stand.

Major retailers, due to their huge number of stores, get their stock upwards of 1-2 weeks early depending on their stores. They then shipp to different divisions, which then ship to individual stores, get them ready for store placement and the like.

Whereas smaller stores get a handful of copies, and usually only get those a few days prior to release, simply due to the huge logistics of moving large container loads of stock to larger chains, as compared to small box loads to service a few smaller chains/stores.

Now if the larger stores were allowed to sell as soon as they received stock, who would you buy from. The larger chains of choice, that's a no brainer . .But what happens to the smaller store who has pre-orders, lay-bys and pre-sales of goods. They lose those sales, and in turn lose business, which leads to the business basically failing and closing down.

So in order to keep a level playing field, most major publishers of books, games, CD/music, movies etc have street dates to allow stores to at least have a fair go at getting sales.

You might not like it, and you might not want to wait, but when you are running a business, or when you get into business, you'll understand the need to have such things in place.


both my orders are showing as shipped, so any day now...

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