The Future of Marvel Video Games

VGR: Imagine an open world similar to Elder Scrolls Skyrim, now imagine that you and a couple of friends are dropped into this world, and now finally think about all of you having different powers to complement one another.

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USMC_POLICE2582d ago

A spiderman as good as the arkham games would be great!

pr0t0typeknuckles2582d ago

x-men legends 3 needs to happen badly, and an open world spiderman on the same level as the arkham series would be amazing

hulk_bash19872582d ago

Marvel needs to make a game as good at the Arkham franchise. Im surprised that no one has done one yet. I mean Xmen Origins Wolverine and Deadpool were good arcadey games but not anywhere close to the quality of Batman.

Magaman2582d ago

Just think an Avengers game with all the characters that is similar to Arkham would be amazing!

Harpers_Ferry2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

There are plenty of decent Marvel games, and even a handful of good ones. One of the biggest problems has been the way the rights have been distributed during this last gen, and even the one before it. I would say the odds of something truly great being worked on are a lot better these days. Disney and Marvel have been going full throttle with movies/tv, and so as long as the success keeps up, there is hope that the same effort will be put into gaming as well.

Personally, I would like to see a quality X-Men game, or maybe one that has you playing one large story arch through the viewpoints of different X-teams.

Freddy_Millz12581d ago

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 or don't waste my time talking...

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