The world of Bungies Destiny

Destiny from the team that created Halo, is due to be released next year on the consoles (not PC), and its game world is planned to last for 10 years.

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JokesOnYou2780d ago

I think this is going to be one of those next gen games that blows peoples mind. Bungie are very good at what they do.

fenome2780d ago

Can't wait to dive into this universe. I've never played any of their games before, but I know they're VERY talented at what they do. This game looks amazing, and I love the customization and exploration involved as well. At least this is one thing we can ALL agree on without jumping into the whole "console wars" mentality.

chrissx2780d ago

Looking forward to what my destiny holds

Consoles4kidz2780d ago ShowReplies(2)
Supermax2780d ago

The true killer of cod.

Jack_Of_All_Blades2780d ago

And possibly Halo, this is the next Halo as far as I am concerned. Can't wait for this

JokesOnYou2780d ago

Gimme so of that shii you' smoking bro. Destiny will be great, Halo 5 will be great....both will sell well, Halo is a icon and carries a rich history among the fanbase so Halo5 will no doubt outsell Destiny because a significant portion of those who buy a xbox console do so because Halo is 1 of the main incentives.

fenome2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Yeah, but Bungie created Halo, do you think 434 is doing it justice? Honest question here 'cause I have no idea.

As far as COD, it's killing itself slowly. Still makin' that paper, but people expect more out of 'em now. I don't see them getting too many more free passes.

Titanfall will be the COD killer if anything, along with Battlefield and Battlefront.

W3R3W00F2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I'm probably get signed off as a "hater," so I can only hope people will be able to see my point of view.

As fun as Destiny might end being, I think it's time developers gave FPSes a cool down. Even if an FPS is great, and even if it brings a fresh, new, revolutionary idea or two to the table, I see FPSes everywhere. Especially ones with high-res graphics and a whole lotta war. I commend some developers for setting out to create great, beautiful games, but the genre itself is getting a little tiring.

There are so many other genres to explore. New mechanics to try and new places to go. It's like everyone is in the same mine, trying to find a new type of gem... when just outside are several OTHER mines with several other new types of gems.

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