Naughty Dog Is Ready To Reveal Uncharted 4

Eskimo Press: "In October, 2013, one of our contacts told us that they knew Uncharted 4 was well in to development. Shortly after that they confirmed that Naughty Dog have a big surprise reveal coming before the end of the year. Today our source sort of confirmed that an Uncharted 4 reveal is imminent."

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Kingthrash3601857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

man that would be great...11/14 announcement??
even though it could be a vita sequal..which would also be awsome!
but my question is if it was in production for 2 years why wait till now to show it? all these expos and conferences would have helped hype sony even more. even a teaser would have been huge. hell just a black screen that had "U4" and some sound effects would have piqued my interest!

FiLTHY ESKiMO1857d ago

Didn't really want to overshadow their previous release, The Last of Us. Wait until the dust settles from that release before prematurely announcing UC4.

They actually did that with TLoU. That was supposed to be revealed at E3, but they decided to wait until the VGAs. True story.

Kingthrash3601857d ago

point well taken. makes perfect since.
do yall think they will show come 11-14 or at the vma's?

majiebeast1857d ago

Probably VGA's and a other game at 11/14 maybe epics new game. Who knows we will see the 14th.

xPhearR3dx1857d ago

I hope they don't reveal it. I'd rather see another Last of Us or a new IP before Uncharted. Mostly because I'm not a fan of the Uncharted series.

JimmyLmao1857d ago

Sony is being smart... PS4 is already winning without even showing it's biggest stuff!

The Future is Bright =)

joab7771857d ago

Couple reasons. First, The Last of Us and ps4 have demanded a lot of attn. I am sure they didn't want to up end the spotlight on a new system or a possible goty. Also, it would take attention away from launch games. Being that u cannot oreder the ps4 right now, there's no need. But...once its released and all goes well...and the shelves hav consoles to Uncharted 4 announcement would b awesome. Hell, I'd make sure that Infamous and U4 get a ton of press around the release of Titanfall. That isSonys biggest worry right now.

Campy da Camper1856d ago

What would be great is if they included a console version of golden abyss with Uncharted 4. I plan on getting a vita soon but between paying off my ps4, all the games, my daughter bday last week and Xmas coming up....well, campy is poor as all get out.

Wait. I just thought of something....this whole cross play thing, does that mean ps4 can play vita games on the TV???

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LOL_WUT1857d ago

I would've liked to see another new ip but I understand a new uncharted game would drive up even more ps4 sales only time will tell. ;)

BullyMangler1857d ago

Its okay, im sure naughty dog will have new action packed areas to explore and awesome gameplay. how will a new IP affect the gameplay?

christrules00411857d ago

A new IP gives them a ton more freedom. Even though The Last of Us did have similar elements to Uncharted like it's third person action adventure game. It gave them freedom to include a crafting system, more brutal combat, less bullets, more strategic gameplay and had a darker theme then the Uncharted series has. I also couldn't see listen mode working in Uncharted.

I couldn't imagine an Uncharted game with the dark gritty feeling to it yet it is awesome in The Last of Us. Those little changes matter a ton.

Salooh1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

All naughty dog games are in third person so i'm not expecting the next game to be first person.

joab7771857d ago

Remember that they do have two studios. U4 is almost a must...considering the release of titanfall and halo 5 next yr.

ABeastNamedTariq1857d ago

Let's just wait and see.

(I say this because I'm personally hoping for a new IP.)

Walker1857d ago

If it's real then every mind will blown away !

DonMingos1857d ago

Greatness just keeps getting greater

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