Siren: New Translation demo gameplay video

Here is gameplay from the Siren PS3 demo. It's a bit dark, but it is still watchable. I did my best to make it as clear as possible. Enjoy :)

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sammy_mantra3827d ago

at the graphics

AWESOME graphics

THumbs up SONY ---another photorealistic game in the library after UNCHARTED

sonarus3827d ago

Graphics look ok imo. Played it myself its really dark so its kin of hard to appreciate it. Also you can't control the camera which blows:(

robep33827d ago

Graphics look really good faces look VERY GOOD even you must agree with that, its only a demo and you make a comment about camera control its a demo not the final game! Why dont you just stick to 360 comments as thats OBVIOUSLY your console of choice!!!!!


Statix3827d ago

First of all, Uncharted isn't "photorealistic." Secondly, this gameplay video doesn't come close to Uncharted graphically. Let's be realistic here.

switch-it3827d ago

Jesus, what's your problem. Can't believe that one can't criticize a game without being attacked, talked to like if one where a hardcore fanboy. Please grow up man.

NO_PUDding3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Looks fun. I wish I coudl downlaod it, but AOL is crap.

Anyway, I am a bit upset with:

-The less scary atmosphere (probably just this level)
-The true the Siren series terrible english voice acting
-The loss of captured facial visuals, and now we have faces with less expression.

I love:

-The less true to Siren but much better fluid animations
-The AWESOME finisher animations, and camera angles
-The astounding graphics. Looks pre-rendered.

Tarasque3827d ago

Not very impressed with the graphics, you shouldn't be having framerate issue's when the board is pretty much dark. Another silent hill, alone in the dark type game. Not a big fan of those game's.

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sammy_mantra3827d ago

has like 20x more polygons than GEARS 2/any x360 game

wow at SIREN's graphics

just WOW

socomnick3827d ago

Although im judging by this video my opinion might change when I see more footage but gears 1 looks better than this. So does uncharted im not impressed.

Hydrolex3827d ago

if yes, then Holyyyyyyyyy F***************

sammy_mantra3827d ago

do you think X360 can handle that GRAPHICS

It cant even run GALO3 at 640P . How would it run an ULTRAREALISTIC SIREN

Marceles3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

eh...I don't know what to think of the game. A cross between Manhunt but the same corny dialogue but possibly fun gameplay as RE4 with great graphics. The game is also scarier when you DON'T know where you're going lol...the guy flew through the demo and made the enemies look stupid, I wanted to see a game over hehe but nice gameplay video.

Delriach3827d ago

Hahaha. Yeah, I did fly through it didn't I...

I didn't think people would want to watch a video where I die a bunch of times stupidly though.

sammy_mantra3827d ago

SIREN was on PS2 .. launched before MANHUNT and RE4


PLUS this is just too REALISTIC to be even termed a GAME. RE4 and MANHUNT copied SIREN's gameplay not the other way round

However RE5 is a multiplat game and there is no way it would look as realistic as SIREN(PS3 exclusive)

Marceles3827d ago

lol I understand...I would have just commented "n00b" if you died anyway hehe, but good video preview. Now I know how the game looks/plays

Delriach3827d ago

I did have some funny moments before I knew what to do. I whacked that woman I was with in the face accidentally. I couldn't stop laughing.

Marceles3827d ago

lol i was waiting for something to happen to her. She was kinda in the way when you ran to the other door and I think the monster wouldn't have gotten in if you got in front of her and did the sixaxis thing...she actually made you look bad when the monster knocked you down and she killed it herself lol. I wanted you to hit her in the back of the head with the flashlight while she was struggling with the door though, that's cool that you can really do that haha

Delriach3827d ago

I agree completely. I should have hit her, lol.

BilI Gates3827d ago

Are you really into horror games at all, Marceles? Siren's way better than the crap Capcom is putting out lately. Resident Evil isn't even a survival horror franchise anymore. They turned into a third person shooter.

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Hydrolex3827d ago

The graphics look good but seriously No console graphics can beat Uncharted. Seriously man, Uncharted was a challenge

Note: Xbox 360 fans stfu with your gears and gaylo

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