1UP: Sam & Max Season Two: What's New, Beelzebub? Review - Season Two finale shocker

1UP writes: "Jared Emerson-Johnson has a ridiculous name, but I want you to remember it, because that boy can write some frickin' music. And since What's New, Beelzebub? features characters and situations from just about every previous episode of Sam & Max: Season 2, you'll be treated to a fine retrospective of his top-caliber music throughout the season finale.

Beyond the feast for the ears, though, this episode demonstrates how this series does episodic gaming (and graphic adventure in general) the right way. While it suffers from lazy-writer syndrome at certain points (how much mileage can you really get out of Max punning off homonyms?), the jokes are generally amusing, the puzzles are generally clever (though they do have a few standing-around-wondering-what-to-do moments), and the plot is generally insane -- all of which you've come to expect from the Sam & Max series."

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