Edge's Fable 2 Preview with three features "drama,combat, and co-op"

"If Peter Molyneux's popularity has been hurt by his tendency to over-promise, then it was not evident at GDC, where an obligingly rapt audience had queued round the block in order to hear the latest on Lionhead's sequel to the Xbox's action RPG. Nor did Molyneux's propensity for making large claims appear diminished, labeling his talk, 'Fable 2 – The Big Three Features Revealed.' It turns out that Fable 2 will have drama, combat and co-op. Who would have guessed?"

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hay3827d ago

Why do I have a feeling that Fable 2 won't live up to expectations as first game? I hope it'll be as great as it should.

titntin3827d ago

I can only agree with your agitation...
I know I was in the minority, but the first game underwhelmed me with its linearity and the very small scope of its environments with another load point around every corner. Still captivating, but not everything we were promised!
There's no doubt that the visuals for this title are appealing and I would hope the environments are now suitably impressively sized to feel like an big world, but I do worry about the core game experience.
Certainly when I watched Peter's demonstration at the GDC I wasn't blown away by the features he made a big deal out of. Emotional attachment is a laudable goal for a big open world RPG, but you also need to be able to hook up with other players and explore strange and distant lands fighting huge beast etc etc.... - and I've seen little to indicate that this important aspect of this style of game is present. Where are the shots of groups of adventurers in pitched battle with a cave troll? Adventure and combat should be the primary gameplay element - having a family and kids should be incidental. Great feature, but incidental, unless this is heading for 'sims territory.
I'll still be waiting in line to pick this up at the first opportunity, and I'm sure that what it does, it will do very well. It's just that I'm expecting that what it does, is not exactly what I want...! :)

Captain Tuttle3827d ago

On the scope and linearity of the first game but man did it have style. It's why I liked it so much; as linear and relatively short as the game was Albion managed to feel "alive" to me.

Jok3r3827d ago

Mmm.. I really like the graphics in this one! They look somehow cozy,hehe just look at that little house by the forest :D
Definitely a must buy! Xbox360 got some really impressive sequels this year!! (Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Gears of War 2) Good time to be a Xbox360 owner!

ben8063827d ago

agreed i love the graphics, the other sreenshots that have been doing the rounds look great i do hope this wont have a short gameplay time though

beavis4play3827d ago

check with the captain a couple posts up- even if it's short, maybe it'll have "style". (whatever the he11 that is)

fox023827d ago

i don't care if it live up to anything... I'm just hoping the game will be as good as the first one which to me(i can't believe I'm saying this) was even better than my number 1 game at that time : Final Fantasy 7

ukilnme3827d ago

What? Better than FF7? That game was awesome. I might have to go pick up Fable now to see for myself.

Glad to be a gamer3827d ago

If your right i may have to play the 1st.

Im so looking forward to fable 2(my first fable) i get the same excited feeling in my belly that i do when it think about playing Gta4.

It just looks and sounds like it is gonna have the level of immersion of a great rpg/gta game has with the action leaning toward Gta's hands on approach. So many new ideas i just hope it lives up to the pictures that i have in my mind.

warhawk12343827d ago

You all might like this post I took a real interest in it. The co-op I thought is going to be cool.

Herbert tholdpervert3827d ago

i think it's wrong Fable is a one player game

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