Virtua Tennis gets tilty on PS3

Sega serves up details on new functionality added to the PS3 version of the tennis game

We've been sent some nice visual diagrams and a bit of blurb this morning on Virtua Tennis 3's freshly announced employment of the PS3 controller's tilt action.

You can use the tilt action to move your player (tilt the controller forward to move a sports star forward, left to move them left etc.) and also to perform a variety shots and serves - in a similar way to a tennis racquet, and without using the buttons or analogue sticks, explains Sega.

Here's further example stuff:

Swing the controller up quickly - Player makes a lob shot

Swing the controller down quickly - Player performs a slice shot

Swing the controller horizontally - Top spin!

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InMyOpinion4463d ago

That's just silly. I'd much rather try Wii tennis.

JasonXE4463d ago

i thought it said titty not tilty.

BlindPublic4463d ago

I also thought it said titty.

THAMMER14463d ago

Just look at the activity on PS3 fan sites. People have quietly faded away from the PS3. No one cares what the tilty (I hate that word) controller will do.

JIN KAZAMA4463d ago

are just complete haters. Thammer1, you're lame man. You are just a hater, let it go dude, its not a big deal, they are just consoles, one is(PS3) just much better and offers so much more than the other. We all know you just cant afford it, so just chill dude.

LiquifiedArt4463d ago

Acutally fellow x360 idiots..I stopped coming to this site for the most part, and also most people are so siked up about the ps3, no one cares about you "Bored on the Net" x360 Fans.

~Get a Life, or a Real Console(PS3)

THAMMER14463d ago

I like you guys. You are funny.

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