15 Baffling and Hilarious Video Game Logics

We always force ourselves to adapt to the games we play, especially in those theme park games. But when we stop and think about it, we will be very confused about those hilarious game logics. I just want to share some funny video game logics I came across.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler2780d ago

"the harder you press the button the stronger the attack will be" that one made me laugh

"everyone worse than me is a noob everyone better than me has no life" i hear this excuse all the time gaming online.

Blackdeath_6632780d ago

"the harder you press the button the stronger the attack will be" you say that but the ps2 controller can recognise pressure but grantursimo was the only game to make use of it that's why they scrapped it for the DS4

StockpileTom2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

SOCOM and Ace Combat

awi59512779d ago

All buttons do that since the first madden games on Genesis and super nintendo. If you pressed the button harder the faster the Pass you threw.

ATiElite2779d ago

Guy is not paying attention while gun shopping and looting dead bodies and gets killed by a handgun to the head only after I mock him for not paying attention!

Has the NERVE to scream "OMG I hate DayZ so many friggin Hackers"

mhunterjr2780d ago

Lol @ resident evil: can't pick up this egg... Pockets full of rifles

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mistertwoturbo2779d ago

lol a guy I knew at work played BF3 for 2000 hours, then proceeds to say I have no life when I played Call of Duty MW3.

Stupid people like that exist in the real world too unfortunately.