Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Interview World Exclusive In-Game 360 VS PS4 Screenshots

WhatIfGaming's Part 2 Interview. Includes in-game captures direct from the source.

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BoriboyShoGUN2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Why would you compare the 360 and the PS4 ???

*give me Xbox One and PS4 comparisons frame by frame*

lashes2ashes2878d ago

They can't. Ign stated yesterday that for some reason they have not actually seen the xbox one version. That's why everybody's ac4 reviews state ps3,ps4,360 and wii u

Jeedai Infidel2878d ago

I think we'll be seeing XB1 reviews next week. It seems like I heard Jeff Gerstmann mention that somewhere.

Sarcasm2878d ago

Microsoft embargo'd everything until November 12th. They are selectively showing what they want to show to the press.

ZBlacktt2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Yes, this is the X1 and the Next Gen version with that. Video's are in HD, but I've seen cleaner taping then this, but it's something recent to see.

Lord knows everyone has seen me talk about this game enough over the last 8 months on here, lol.

Get my PS4 game in 3 days!

AgentSmithPS42878d ago

Postage stamp sized screenshots, how disappointing...

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BattleAxe2878d ago

"360 VS PS4 Screenshots"


alexkoepp2878d ago

LMFAO is right! PS4 looks almost identical to the X360 hahahaha!!!! Who saw that coming?

d0nT wOrrY2878d ago

How it's Sony fault? It's a freaking port you MS sheep.

ShinMaster2878d ago

There's a lot more detail in the PS4 version.
Besides, if they do look the same it's Ubisofts fault, not Sony's. It is afterall, a cross-generational game.

FanboyKilla2878d ago

Wow kind of embarrassing.

Jeedai Infidel2878d ago

All that really did was show the 360 version doesn't look all that bad compared to next gen. Compare the two consoles next year and 360 will probably look like the gamecube.

Sarcasm2878d ago

From that distance and those small pictures, no it doesn't.

But blow it up on a proper TV and the difference will be much more noticeable.

However, what I've seen from AC4 on the PS4 doesn't really scream "next-gen" anyway.

Jeedai Infidel2878d ago

I meant going by the provided pics, not saying they actually look that close in reality.

trywizardo2878d ago

i know this may sound weird but the differences are not huge , its just lighting and some textures ... i thought next gen will come with a bang -_-

mistertwoturbo2878d ago

It's a cross generation title using the same engine as it always has.

Wait until you see the game engines that have been made specifically for next gen hardware only.

MasterCornholio2878d ago

Next gen is coming with a bang with titles like Ryse and Killzone ShadowFall.

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The story is too old to be commented.