Meet the small Finnish firm helping Call Of Duty, Destiny, Killzone and more look truly next-gen

“When you have to build something mostly on unfinished hardware and services like a launch game, it’s very tough,” he says. “The fact that the next-generation hardware is easier to develop for doesn’t mean they will be maxed out super-fast, but it’s a sure thing that the 2014 and 2015 titles will be a significant leap forward compared to what we have at launch.”

Clearly, what developers can achieve on the new consoles right now is barely scratching the surface of the new tech. But as studios learn about the nuances of each machine, the differences between the two will become clearer – Puha is keen to see what Microsoft does with its proposed cloud services in particular, while each console’s improved GPU compute capabilities “offer immense potential” for companies like Umbra.

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Shadonic2952d ago

need more work on Cod's next gen version. it looks like crap.

reko2952d ago

cod shouldnt be in there...

ThanatosDMC2952d ago

Yup, PC version of COD looks like crap.

SaturdayNightBeaver2951d ago

yea x360 is better , get out of here..

CrossingEden2952d ago

I like how COD looks better than the average game and the average shooter graphically yet still gets pounced on by anti-fanboys who do nothing but hate(and obsess) over it's mere existence.

Shadonic2952d ago

Are you freaking blind bruh ? Gears of war 3 looks better than COD ghost on Next gen. Ill give you Medal of honor but compared to crysis or Halo 4 or BF COD still looks like trash.

Really man you cant be this blind ... wait scratch that because even blind people could see how graphically inferior COD is to all the big name titles. Literally the only game its beating graphically is probably Lococycle and that's made by a company that's mostly focused on humor and gameplay saving graphics for dead last.

The thing is that I enjoy COD from time to time its this huge fanboy beliberish aura and mentality that the majority of the fans bring out that really is the driving force around the hate because just like belibers even when your clearly getting a low quality game and your basically being spoonfed lies like that 10 year old new engine you guys still believe it and just go along with it until the next COD comes out.

It's just sad so, so damn sad. I know that all Cod fans aren't like this there's fans form other games who act like you just did too but bruh out of any game COD is the worst when it comes to how a majority of the fans act. It's even worst than the PC elitist dudes who talk more about specs and superiority over consoles than they actually play games.

Hicken2951d ago

Call of Duty IS the average shooter. It looks and plays average.

And despite it having fewer significant changes than the also yearly Madden, it still sees massive amounts of commercial success. I guess there are a lot of goofs out there like you who think the franchise represents some peak of FPS greatness.

By all means, give a list of shooters Call of Duty looks better than. For fairness' sake, keep it current gen(PS3 and 360), since most franchises don't have a next-gen entry ready to go.

Kaze882951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Think how the game would run if it wasnt optimized at all by them. Ghost isnt even that good looking nextgen game when you compare it to BF3 so its pretty fucking heavy engine that they are running for ghost...i would say that IW needs to tune up their engine. Umbra did what they could but it wasnt enough for that heavy engine that IW build.

Umbra software etc is really about optimization as you see in here When using this you can use more power on graphics etc because theres less objects in use when you use this, less objects = less power it takes to run = you can make it look better.

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deadfrag2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

You people should read the article before commenting it give great insight on what to expect going forward on to the next generation in the next years.Something about the gap we will see between this new consoles its also there ..... to people that can discern...among other great news for the next generation.I think the destiny picture is very welcome ,its like when two worlds collide,get it.

Godhimself_In_3d2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Im sick of these articles man. Enough about 1080p waving your hands and talking to the tv, tech specs, exclusives, devs, fanboy wars, day one dlc, dlc on the disk paid to unlock, dlc announced months before the game drops, companion apps, pre orders, whos controller is better, cloud, game streaming who cares. All i want is a console and a beer very simple i don't care which one it is. If i comes with coors light the cold activated can i sold. Honestly its about games that's all everything else is secondary. Sorry for the rant I've played ps4 and i don't wanna touch those consoles knowed as wii u/360/ps3.

Raider692952d ago

WTF are you talking about,have you read its a very good article for people that like to know about console tech and development....

Godhimself_In_3d2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Yes i did and i still don't care. I never said it wasn't insightful far from it, its a very good read and guess what i still don't care lol. We all know the specs yeah. Me i want to game already Im getting both so i don't care i want next gen to start today. I wanna game talk about this techy stuff at the post mortem. #Godhimselfout holla

Mr Tretton2952d ago

Well first, there isn't a whole lot to talk about on the games side for next gen. It's just starting. What the console hardware has to offer is pretty important atm to people. If tech didn't matter, then we wouldn't be having a next gen. If it was all about the games, there wouldn't be a next gen. Hardware matters. Otherwise we'd still be playing Pong.

Also you tried too hard.

Jeedai Infidel2952d ago

Coors Light is so last gen. A good chocolate or oatmeal stout, they have the specs I'm looking for.

MidnytRain2951d ago

Maybe because you said, "I'm sick of these articles," then said, "It's a very good read."


christrules00412952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I'm the same way. Once I got the DS4 I haven't even touched the DS3 except to get to the xmb menu. I can't waitmto get the PS4. =) I am very intrigued about the tech though. I even womder because sonys first party studios were masters of the cell architecture that if they had issues with the x86 architecture.

yezz2952d ago

All I see is you saying "I don't care" yet these firms are the reason you will feel the "next gen" so it's really bland of you to say that..

You need this technology to achieve the quality of those new games.

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garos822952d ago

A fantastic article.

It's interesting how the familiar pc architecture is luring in companies like umbra into the business model of gaming.
If their tools help speed up development times and improve visual fidelity then the upcoming years are gonna be spectacular in terms of gaming content

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