Siren: New Translation demo in JPN PS Store

The demo of Siren for the PS3 is now up. You can find it in the Japanese PlayStation Store. The file is 550MB.

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BilI Gates3830d ago

Been playing it for awhile now. Crazy stuff lol.

BilI Gates3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

The voices and menu are in English but the description for the controls are in Japanese. You'll figure it out though.

Creepy stuff. Very dark and atmospheric. The music is beautiful. Grainy graphical style (similar to Silent Hill).

Been waiting for a horror game like this since the original Siren. You could tell they've really fixed the controls and they've even added a few new things. I'm in love..

rucky3830d ago

Freakin scary, can't continue tonight I need my beauty sleep. Funny how the main character looks like Brad Pitt

NeoBasch3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Poor Siren. Oh how is it ignored? :'(

Well, anyways... I found this link fairly helpful to get me through the process of creating a Japanese PlayStation Store account. Some of you have to be wondering how you can get a hold of this demo, so here you go. Just follow the instructions and read the comments section below if you are having trouble. Your question could have already been answered.

I'm downloading the demo now. I may report back with some impressions. Depends how up to it I feel. Rather than impressions, you should all go out and download the demo. That would be the best thing you could do for yourself. ;)

35%! Wahoo!!!

UPDATE: Oh my God! I haven't even started the demo, but I recommend to anyone that is going to try this not to start it up right away. Go over to your games tab, hover over the Siren game data and just listen. OH MY GOD!!! That was one of the freakiest things I have ever encountered in a video game/movie. Here I am checking out some updates on my laptop and all of a sudden I hear that! Mad props for the phenomenal performance there.

waltercross3830d ago

If this comes to NA I'm getting it asap!.

Expy3830d ago

Oh god... love the atmosphere in this game o.o

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