Notes: PS3 Reliability Problem?

For some reason, Gizmodo's Brian Lam is spreading the following rumor of PS3 40G failures on their site:

"This is not any sort of indication of a hardware failure epidemic, but a friend of mine had a Playstation support person tell them that there were a lot of 40GB failures, with many units being sent back more than once.

This is a surprising thing to hear considering the robustness of console's build. Unfortunately, there's no way to do a poll that isn't a leading question on the issue, and one support staff's comment on the issue is not proof enough, but if you've got strong feelings about multiple PS3 failures let me know ..."

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Breakfast3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago ) i wish i was low enough to approve at the people reporting it know if it was a RROD article you'd be right on it.


At reporter: Can we see this turn out when an RROD article from a random blog gets contributed. It'll only be fair...other wises you guys would be...uhoh...hypocrites.

sonarus3826d ago

lol n4g won't be satisfied till ps3 gets its rrod of death whatever it is. Judging from the fact that reports of the incident are still few, i would say ps3 is still within that 1-3% acceptable failure rate range.

Genesis53826d ago

So a friend told him a Sony support worker said this. Is he sure it wasn't a friend of a friend of a friend?

sonarus3826d ago

lol seriously speaking genesis who cares. i'm gonna approve :D common breakfast lets approve

Genesis53826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Approve away Sonarus. Let the fun begin.

Hey that wasn't me that disagreed.

MorganX3826d ago

Sonarus, your comment made my day. But seriously..

It's reported as a Rumor for a reason, that's what it is. Though a reputable site like Gizmodo spreading it is news, which is why I added the opening. If it turns out to be fake, Gizmodo will lose all credibility.

I have a PS3 and have blogged heavily in its favor. I seriously doubt there's a major problem but Gizmodo reporting this???

sonarus3826d ago

I am not denying there is a problem but the problem is no where near 40%. I would be surprised if it was beyond 5% so its not a MAJOR problem.

Apparently it usually happens soon after you purchase so you can probably return it stress free.

PirateThom3826d ago

Gizmondo are about as reliable as Kotaku. It's still just a blog site.

Hagaf223826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

if you're going to call me out, know your facts, i dont approve any story regarding the hardware, every one knows about the rrod and therefore its not news, every one knows about the so called ps3 epidemic, but just for you breakfast ill i.m. you every time i report either story about either console. just because i own a ps3, it doesn't make me an ignorant fanboy, so just grow up, stop trying to call people out and get a life.

yesah3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I'm sure people reported it because some random guys blog, saying his friend, said that a Sony employee said there were some broken 40 gigs,
Is not news.

No offence to contributer, i dont mind the story up.

deeznuts3826d ago

Funny, the author of that blog is banning people for questioning his sources. Calling them assholes and saying "i fully disclaimed my post"

Well some things you can't disclaim away, and that includes shoddy reporting/blogging.

robep33826d ago

Average failure rates for quality electronic products is about 3-4%
first batch of PS3's were way below that less than 1% was quoted so if the 40G model has a normal failure rate of 3-4% than it would seem a lot more than the early PS3's but even then that would still be far better than the 16-33% failure rate of the 360 depending on who's figures you go by on that!!!! between drive failures(scratches) and the good old RROD!.


athlon7703826d ago

A house gets burned down by a 360 being left on with a faulty power supply, a friend of mine has a friend at the white house says the President is going to force Microsoft to recall every 360 sold!

See, I can make news too!

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rucky3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

As much as I wanna defend this article, I don't have a 40gb so I dunno. But the failure rate isn't big so I don't think this'll be as big as the 360's. Remember that PS3 issue with the error code? So where is it now? Just something people are trying to pin something down at sony.

Monchichi0253826d ago

I bought a 40G and it did sheit the bed. But ever since I returned it this one has been working just fine. So, I don't know...

Engineer3825d ago

Yeah, mine's in for repair right now. It stopped reading any disc media put into it. Just wondering if anyone else knows how long it should take to get back? I'm in Canada but just any time-frame would be good. I've heard somewhere between 2 weeks and 3 months so damn I'd miss out on a lot of good games coming out.

mavent3826d ago

This is the stupidest thing ever...let's play a game of telephone


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EZCheez3826d ago

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mavent3826d ago

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Covenant3826d ago

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Steve Urkel3826d ago

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bigman73873826d ago

Probably the best thread on n4g right now. ^^^

mavent3825d ago

I agree with it being the best thread, and yet i get no love in the form of bubbles or agrees...what a bunch of stingy bastards

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PirateThom3826d ago

I remember when a Swedish retailer said the 40GB had a failure rate of 40% (or something ridiculous) and 2 days later they had to retract it because it was a lot of crap, just like this is.

I'm sure some PS3s fail, but it's certainly not an epidemic, it's not a problem. It's a below average electronics failure rate of 1-4%.

MUGEN3826d ago

"PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360 | Industry News | Tech"

notice anything?

PirateThom3826d ago

Yeah, funny how this is in the 360 section when it has nothing to do with the 360 at all.

MorganX3826d ago

Just following N4G guidelines. I think this would be of interest to Xbox 360 readers. Is that not the criteria? Same goes in the other direction. I put RRoD and other Xbox stuff PS3 users would be interested in under PS3 as well.

News and rumors go both ways what the [email protected]

badz1493826d ago

somebody is happy to spread 'rumors' that the PS3 hardware is also failing! the previous attempt (error code) failed to make any impact, now they're trying from another angle which is "a Playstation support person" angle! I'm not saying that PS3 is a perfect machine, but still...good luck on that! but seriously, you need something better in order to beat RRoD down! it's just simply unbeatable!(^_^) - in terms of console problem!!

callahan093826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Yeah, there is a problem with the Xbox 360 tag, just like there's a problem with putting a PS3 tag on RRoD reports. These console reliability posts have nothing at all to do with the other console. If an Xbox 360 owner is so interested in the Playstation 3 and its failure rate, he can find his way to that information by perusing the front page or by going to the Playstation 3 section. Make him work extra to find the ridiculous flame-bait garbage. It's just baiting the hook even more to put the tag right there, as if to invite the 360 fanboys in so they can spew their trolly BS. And again, same goes for RRoD topics with a PS3 tag. It's unneccessary and stupid, not to mention completely irrelevent to the subject at hand.

What if we start putting PS3 tags on all Gears of War 2 info, or 360 tags on all MGS 4 info, giving a clear invitation to the trolls on those topics as well? "hahaha, MGS4 goons! teh whole game is like 9 hours long" or "gears of bore 2, the first one wasnt even good!"


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