First Retail Xbox One Game is Out in the Wild: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Pictures Inside)

You've heard for a while about PS4 retail games being sold before the release of the console, but looks like it’s finally time for the green counterparts to hit the shelves as well.

Here are some pictures of the first Xbox One games being sold at retail.

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Naga1859d ago

That looks like a video game.

TRD4L1fe1859d ago

wait your telling me you're not flying off your seat with excitement like all the sony fanboy did when a ps4 cover was shown!?!?!?!?!?!?


dun dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnnnn!!!

justSumDood1859d ago

I find it funny when people use that term trying to be trendy;
"Spotted in the Wild"

Brings to mind an image of a man in full camo, sitting in thick brush with a pair of binoculars, performing elaborate XBox mating calls in the hopes of luring the game from hiding.

iceman13461859d ago


Gridloc1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Green box for a green game.
Edit: I was simply saying that the game has a green tinge to it...

LogicStomper1859d ago

@ TrueJerseyDevil

How is a game bad because of the colour of the box? Have you never in your life been taught to never judge a book by its cover?

Silly you!

sandman2241859d ago ShowReplies(2)
DEEBO1859d ago

I wonder if they put the 720P on the back of the game case.

TrueJerseyDevil1859d ago

It probably says runs at a native 1080p, because all Microsoft and infinity ward do is lie

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The story is too old to be commented.