Stalk People As The Burger King For $3.99

This trailer for the game "Sneak King" scared me more than any recent Horror movie trailer has. Essentially you play as the Burger King and stalk people who are hungry. Watch the trailer if you want nightmares.

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Ravenator5294464d ago

I can't wait for these games!

How much fun will Pocket Racer be on XBox "Live"!?

Not to mention that you can get each game for $3.99!

What a great marketing idea!

Hats off to BK!

Balance4464d ago

ok, you got me interested... when does this come out?

2tired2day2hate4464d ago

late november. that commercial is funny as hell

likeaboss3024464d ago

For $3.99 this game will rock. At the very least for comedic value.

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The story is too old to be commented.